2023 will be its last season

2023 will be its last season

López Chaves retired from bullfighting. right-handed ledesmino will say goodbye to the wheels At the end of the 2023 campaign.

His intention is to dress in lights for the last time in his life, in front of his countrymen at La Glorieta arena. Salamanca FairThe square and loop where he chose the alternative on September 15, 1998 and will celebrate the alternative’s 25th anniversary next September. In this way, after a lifetime devoted to the bull, he will close the quarter-century circle in the upper echelon.

He will dress in lights at La Glorieta for the last time in his career in Spain; and at the Festival of the Rare Diseases Society of Castilla y León in Ledesma Lopez Chaves It will be the last performance of the farewell year, which has become one of the classic and most emotional dates of the season, and will be rearranged in October as one of the final episodes of the campaign. for all, one of the most special and emotional of her long and laudable transition from the ring. Unsurprisingly, the challenge for his manager, Andrés Sánchez, will be to find a place for himself in most of the major subscriptions for next season, and on the other hand, he’s already fought for it his entire career.

Salamanca will have a special place in that glorious year; and of course, its native Ledesma. And one of the biggest challenges will be to piece together the success that has resisted him the most in the past twenty-five years, the one that will triumph at Las Ventas, the success he has yet to shut his ears to despite the commendable performances he has starred in. as a bullfighter. Yes, as a novillero, he did, on the afternoon of his release, when he walked up to three trophies and walked out the front door on his shoulders.

between 1998 vintageIn the same season that López Chaves received his PhD, in addition to the Salamanca swordsmen, bullfighters such as Miguel Abellán (Alicante, 24 June) and El Juli (Nimes, 18 September) appeared. 5 July or Antonio Martín (Tudela de Duero, 16 August).

The right-handed man from Ledesma received his PhD on that glorious afternoon of 1998, September 15, at La Glorieta and with the ‘no ticket’ sign at the ticket offices. By Joselito and Enrique Ponce, Pedro and Verónica Gutiérrez with Lorenzo’s bulls. He cut off both ears of the bull of the ceremony, named Vichero, and added another trophy from the sixth one triumphant afternoon when he was out the front door. This will always be one of the squares of your life.

A respected and appreciated bullfighter

There and in this way, López Chaves’ career as a bullfighter began, which would next be September 15. quarter century alternativewhere he wrote a glossy page and became one of the most respected bullfighters due to the number of bullfights he fought (with 280 paseíllo in fifth place in the historical chart of the most fought right-handers from Salamanca dressed in lights) and a distinguished name in bullfights where he always showed his face for the admiration he gained in the ring he did.

While not in continuity this quarter-century, he has done paseíllo on all major bullfighting stages during these 25 years: Madrid was the first category he fought the most in Spain, and Vic Fezensac was in it. France. This is positioned as one of the main fights that initially promoted him and saved him in the final reboot of a journey full of ups and downs.

He listened to the important squares of Sevilla, San Sebastian, Bilbao and Malaga, as well as Barcelona (4), Bayonne (3), Vic Fezensac (3) and Bayonne (3), and the French squares in Nimes, Arles. and Béziers. He paid the price in blood in bullfightsafter being seriously injured in Peñaranda, Zaragoza or Quito; and gave his career as a whole the label of seriousness, perseverance, and dedication. A bullfighter leaves, even though he has only one year ahead of him.


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