A great bullfighting show on horseback |  Culture

A great bullfighting show on horseback | Culture

The day the Rejoneadors don’t have to kill the bulls—everything will be fine—the arenas’ grand doors will need to be widened so they can be separated easily, because the technical and artistic level of the horseback elite limits very high and the bulls bred for this show look bespoke.

Carmen Lorenzo and her husband Niño de la Capea’s were perfect for showing off Lea Vicens Y William Handsomefine craftsmanship, multi-legged, fixed to mounts, noble and outstanding class in one third.

Hand in hand after afternoon injury beautiful Paul in an education; He apparently suffered a fall, the horse stepped on his chest and caused a rib and cervical trauma that prevented him from being in Las Ventas.

Lea and Guillermo took part in a fantastic bullfight on horseback; the two of them scratched very high, showed some magnificent barns and failed multiple times with just the spear of death, which precludes mention of an eared esport.

Maybe it was the best of the french rejoneadora in this square. He has one flaw—no one is perfect—and that hits him too soon when he encounters the bull, and sometimes he has to stretch out his arm to nail the rejones and banderillas.

For the rest, he shows remarkable evolution as a bullfighter on horseback and excelled, for example, when it came to stopping his bulls in an inch of terrain and perfectly taming two bands in one bull.

Feeling the bullfighting on Bético’s back and knowing his temper, a horse excited those lying in the third banderilla of the first and last bull; Diluvio was the protagonist of the fight in the room, along with another top bullfighter and another star of the barn, Aladín.

He didn’t kill any of his bulls well, and only the generosity of the public allowed him to walk the two ears that carried him at the Puerta Grande, where it premiered in 2019. But his evolution is clear, bolder and bolder. less corsets, more bullfighters; you just have to risk more – you must nail, not throw – and train with the spear of death.

Guillermo Hermoso is another story. It looks like he fell from the cradle and finally got on a horse. He knows everything, or so it seems; he does it well, he knows the technique, he feels like a bullfighter, he’s easy to get to the stands and his stable is near perfect. He is called a ‘disgusting boy’ because it is unknown what he might desire if he manifests himself with the maturity of a senior teacher, who will be 24, in August.

Neat, classic, and deliberately seen in the bull of alternative approval; fine, no shock. But in the other two it was very different. Without nerves and fully confident in his possibilities, he stood out behind Berlin in the thirds, a magnificent horse, which he tempered the two groups and displayed with extraordinary beauty; With Disparate, another star on his block, he snatched the lines, not forgetting the twists and turns of Ecuador. He also badly killed, despite this, he cut off three of his ears and went there on the Alcalá Street for the first time on his shoulders.

Despite the flaws, a great afternoon of bullfighting on horseback. (It is assumed that the company will not offer the vacant position to Diego Ventura, who is the big absent from this fair. But of course he would be Guillermo’s godfather and his father would not accept it at all. The policy of the bloody bullfights…).

El Capea-Lorenzo/Lea Vicens, Guillermo H. de Mendoza

Legal bulls from El Capea and Carmen Lorenzo are well presented, noble, greedy and very stylish and lively.

Lea Vicens: two holes, opposite and low rejón, and seven descabellos (silence); twice puncture and retraction (ear); back and drooping tail (ear). He stepped out of Puerta Grande on his shoulders.

Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza affirming the alternative: opposite and low rejón, puncture, rejonazo and an essence (silence); puncture and retraction on the top (ear); two-stage rear shaft (two ears). He stepped out of Puerta Grande on his shoulders.

Sales Square. May 29. Twenty-second run of the San Isidro Fair. Filled with ‘no tickets’ (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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