A mix between fame and wool in Albacete

A mix between fame and wool in Albacete

Albacete played their last game broad spectrum celebration By combining the very popular horse-drawn bullring with the foot fight, it achieved another good box office record, although it did not reach the sales figures of the previous day.

first ear in the afternoon Sergio Serrano took it, Nervous and lively and burning, the beginning of his work was on his knees in the middle of the ring, while serious and astifino took the third person as a cloak. Cost bull and Serrano more for left pythonBy anticipating deception and covering it up, she was wasting her worth and courage over and over.

Evidence of his desire to go to the portagayola to take the sixth, he drew after the cape repertoire. The horned man envied the horse, pushing it and allowing it to be beaten, risking the bullfighter in the very tight chicuelinas he pulled out. He quoted from far away and passed very close, So close that the bull saw him and already did it for him all the time. But he didn’t turn his face, slamming head or tail to get out the front door or in the ambulance. Courage and loss of will. And wanting to be The award fell short.

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