A muletaz afternoon stolen from meekness

A muletaz afternoon stolen from meekness

Sixth fair. The barn dance continues. The originally announced bullring of the Vellosino cattle ranch was urgently replaced with one from El Risco. All the same. It is our daily bread at this fair where a little rat who wants to be a mouse is born.

Government teams are picking up children’s faces from San Ildefonso. The pens are a giant drum in the shape of a ball almost every hour, pregnant with the fate of the hut.

no one knows what will happen after every clarion call.

At the very least, the popular festivities are running at a very high level and without fear. for your site.

The day will come when what you give in the afternoon will be the complement of cows, pruners, threaders. Then

There doesn’t seem to be any desire to deal with the customer after eating. and with a poster as thin as advertised pulling only a third of the entrance, it matters little what appears from the pigsty door. Either that or they hide it very well.

Is it possible to go to a bullfight as crazy as yesterday in a plaza like in Zaragoza at a fair like in El Pilar?

The first and fifth bulls looked like they belonged to another breed (see photo above). Cinqueños with a pre-Diluvial face and body, enormous volume and highly developed forelimbs, badanodos, deep… terrifying. Altamira in its purest form.

Something like this is impossible to hit. The rest did not move, albeit with another stick but equally strange. Move, we’re even talking about movement.

Nor did he give himself El Pilar’s hat, in another air but in the less experienced hands of Salamanca’s Alejandro Marcos. Six zeros.

The bullfight, which was unbearable at first, eventually became unbearable.

Morante has arrived

Bullfighting, which is the biggest expectation of the entire program, does not escape the extraordinary hustle and bustle of the barns throughout the fair.

By the end of yesterday, the government team had rejected almost all of the bulls sent by Juan Pedro Domecq on the first expedition.

During the morning, the arrival of more bulls was expected to complete a bullfight in which Morante de la Puebla, Diego Urdiales, and Alejandro Talavante were announced to have been released alive on Pilar’s day in Madrid after hearing three warnings. Ten days tickets are sold out.

More if, as said, Alejandro Marcos (appearing as a bullfighter in Zaragoza) is very unstable and short of resources.

El Pilar, who defended with a cloak instead of gaining ground on his bull, had quite a bit of trouble until he survived the sticky attack. There the bull tricked everyone because it seemed like he wanted cloth under it.

Finally, he began to say his implicit condition. He just handed the torn socks apart, not compressed them. Fireworks with swords (seven attempts) was a sad climax of his performance.

The sixth did not fly with a less fat and attacked bull, a very thin right python which, when using crutches, allowed him to return with the curtain before spoiling him. The mix was great.

It was very frustrating as Álvaro Lorenzo was persistent before the other amorphous bison, the fifth, also objected much. At least his fight was an oasis of bullfighting, the perfect net of the gang that Andrés Revuelta was dealing with and Curro Javier was dealing with sticks. stone him.

This was the fleeting moment in which Lorenzo put on an insistent and striking performance of going to die in the land of indifference.

López Simón wanted to escape from him on the basis of arrimons and shorten the distances in the terrible first.

It was the beginning of it all, knocking the bull-slicing horse down, and the monosabies took a world to get him on his feet.

Then the bull or whatever stopped, and the bullfighting caused a loss to give way to bragging and aimless recklessness. Delivery or hole?

There were fewer options still in the room. What he saw to present it to Jesús Arruga and another friend, dressed in civilian clothes, who received the dedication in the ring, is a mystery. Bullfighters only in the arena, please.

Faced with such kindness, laziness, and routelessness, aroused by the left-handed python, all went well. And it was all… almost nothing.

In this swinging fair with bull-bodied rudders and buffalo-like bulls, López Gibaja is omnipresent and meticulous after a day indifferent, anything can happen. until Juan Pedro attacked.


BULLS El Risco, which replaces the announced Vellolsino. The third returned and was replaced by a bull from El Pilar.


Applause and silence.


Silence and applause after the warning.

SIGNS OF Alexandria

He appeared as a bullfighter in Zaragoza. Warning and silence after silence.


Less than average.

Andrés Revuelta (who had gotten off his horse after mating the second) is a very good tackle to fifth and the banderillas are superior in Curro Javier.

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