An afternoon of discussions for modernity |  Culture

An afternoon of discussions for modernity | Culture

We’ll see. Despite the commitments of associations like Toro de Madrid, the reality is that fans have disappeared; they are so few that they practically do not draw anything in the current bullfight. Public rules, about 23,000 spectators filling the square to the brim. sales and impose its criteria without discussion. The world has changed in recent years, and so have the bullfighting people. Today’s bullfighter is festive, loud, lavish, majestic, picnic and eared… and seeks no other purpose than to celebrate for fun, and in its purest expression is the bullfighters carrying trophies and standing on Puerta’s shoulders. grand A third disappears, practically no bite no matter how the banderillas are nailed, and if there is continuity in the crutch, whatever the execution and position of the bullfighter passes, and the sword enters, whatever happens. fall, victory is guaranteed.

Today’s bull, the bull that snatched the people, the bull from Garcigrande this afternoon: handsome, docile, gentle, noble and, if possible, an artist, which means he lacks respect, shows no courage. caste, it is not violent, it is docile and friendly and allows its matador to be calm and confident in its face.

And figures who know the bull better than any of us claim Garcigrande and related irons as they offer more guarantees and less risk.

And if the square is filled with a figure poster and a cattle ranch like today, this is what happens; Like it or not, this is the bullfight of modernity.

Victory again with these facilities July, again failed with the sword, and the box refused the plaza’s fourth most desired bull’s ear. Inexplicable, but true. Was El Juli okay? He was superior, again ingenious; yes, with a bull with a ridiculous look, which he took with some slingshots and understood perfectly in the last three. The professor reappeared, giving a masterful lecture on the encyclopedic bullfighter and the hard, long, deep, connected bullfight… Not forgetting the two very long spontaneities at the end of the task, a better summary of authority on the right. The bullfight was crazy, but El Juli was pierced, the bull fell, it took a while to die, and the president received a series of órdagos for ignoring the dignitaries. This happened in the fourth, because in the first, he was vaguely ill, limiting himself to sending off in haste.

Was El Juli okay? Superior with that modern bull of Birrio nobility.

Tomás Rufo had a meteoric career: April Fair and opened the Prince’s Gate; He confirms in Las Ventas and leaves Puerta Grande. But he is a lucky man because two victories were insignificant. It has a bullfighter stance, radiating security, command, confidence and temperance. He knows how to fight and does it deeply. He’s got talent, no doubt, but his first job, with its ups and downs, was not by word of mouth; nor was that of the sixth, any less, with some loose crutches among the many hooks. But the people command and take it on their shoulders. In the meantime, a great hat for Fernando Sánchez, who excelled in all his performances and was outstanding this afternoon. The two pairs he placed in sixth place were sensational.

Y talavant He did not want to be invited with the stone, and after being sunk in a mechanical bullfight in front of his first nobleman, he offered the crowd the fifth, getting down on his knees, thus wanting to show his will and faith. I got it because the lines roared with emotion as he stood up to finish a long muletaz series.

One group sprouted naturally, cleanly and beautifully, but not much else; The crutches stare at the floor, one last rudeness after throwing the crutches, and ended the afternoon there.

Tomás Rufo will be happier than Easter; but an audience no less than this festive public threw a chicken at El Juli on his return to the ring (how can you come to bullfights with a chicken in your arms?), who had a great time.

This classic bullfight is not that of encastados and noble bulls, heroic bullfighters and performers, but that existed in the XXI century. Contemporary is…

Garcigrande / El Juli, Talavante, Rufo

Garcigrande Bullsfair, docile, soft, bland and very noble in presentation.

July: four punches and lunges (silence); puncture, back lunge -warning-, -2. warning- (big request and return).

Alexander Talavant: collapse (whistle); puncture -warning- and low lunge (applause).

Thomas Rufusconfirmed this alternative: -warning- fall move (ear); move (ear): He stepped out of Puerta Grande on his shoulders.

Sales Square. 20 May. The thirteenth bullfight of the San Isidro Fair. Filled with “no tickets” (22,964 viewers, according to the company).

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