An alternative to 'Big' in Alba de Tormes

An alternative to the ‘Big’ in Alba de Tormes

The two star missions of an afternoon of great discussion were: shadowed by the sword. Three holes took precedence in Morante’s second, and Luque’s explosive and authoritarian blow in the fifth.

at this point Antonio Grande had already tasted the syrupy Grandillito. took the alternative, had a perfect rhythm and son. It was hard for her to keep her pulse, so she lost half the work, not going over the details because she was in a hurry. He did not lose his temper until he crossed the equator, and there, with the crutch in his left hand, he discovered the secret of the Galache bull. He did not accept the suddenness, shouting for softness, and with a slight wobble he secured the attack. This light move to trick the bull was the key to finding the treasure. And enjoy. To savor. It was loaded in slow motion and so there were naturals that felt before the beginning and then lasted forever. The friction went beyond the equator, there endless crutches, the change of hands as a sign upright, the others left with enormous bent legs. Everything had a special packaging. The day you decide to commit more, cross the line of fire and not abuse online bullfighting, you will reach higher heights and your bullfight will grow not only in exposure and purity, but also in more expression.

this starting the sixth job it was amazing. He moderated the attack for the strength of the extraordinary trenches he sprinkled with his right hands. The link made it one of the most expensive tickets. While El Pilar’s Mirillo was battered while chasing his crutches in a special way, the most convincing here came in the first episode, where he pressed his right hands perfectly. Exquisite, different, unique, with magnificent thrusts, the way to surrender, to place the face, to enter the flights. Because of the rhythm that all embassies have. And how it grew. Grande didn’t reach the bottom of the endless bottom of an imperial dare. When he threw the crutch to his left, he could not maintain this roundness. Because there the bull was adding points with the same intensity. His return to the ring was indisputable. It was the afternoon and the bull of many. His attack will not be easily forgotten.

Just like it will stay like you forever Morante made an idle bullfight to the second of the run. Knitter is a noble Galache bull with the flaw of wanting to leave. The cigar maker always called him and misbehaved by leaving the crutch on his face. With the help of the highs, the beginning was beautiful, he attached it to the trenches, the self-rotating improvisation and a large lantern, and then the one with the enormous chest. Glittering eyes. Then a beautiful symphony under Nerva’s chords. With its superior aroma, it fought with pleasure. It’s like no one is fighting. The muletazo of the in and out was a genius, the basic bullfight was flawless. He poked her and He lost the award he cut from Melosothe fourth walked the double trophy, which was left earlier along the road, as it always aimed but never exploded, but forcibly killed him.

Daniel Luque imposes himself from El Pilar to a Fantasioso who shows character, lacks dedication and doesn’t have good intentions. He settled for a Bravosito de Galache, where the reduction worked, and few found the bottom like him. He waited with his face in his hands, and at the end of the muletases he defeated in an ugly style. With tremendous technique he took hold of it, hardened it, consented to it, and abused it with barbaric authority. With stubborn command and strength. It was gaining space, slowly snapping into place, smoothing out the snags and unraveling the hooligans that would annoy nearly everyone. Not him. He doesn’t care about me. And thus, he signed a work of indisputable and immeasurable value. He shattered the men of the bag from an ugly defeat in the epilogue. Even that didn’t bother him. The puncture was anecdotal for such a loss of capacity and did not overshadow the most valuable and valuable task of the function. A perfect afternoon of bullfighting when the new matador from San Muñoz makes his debut. Between two delicious tasks of the masters.

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