an irresistible weight |  Culture

an irresistible weight | Culture

For years, fans have been quietly tormented by the unending torture of the celebrations; There is no bullfighting bar, a rock, a meeting, or a social network where the imperative need to accelerate the development of endless and sleepy bullfights does not arise every day.

It’s just the bullfighters who don’t seem to take this lightly. If not, ask Miguel Ángel Perera, Ginés Marín or Ángel Téllez, who are competing with the crushing weight this afternoon. It’s true that bullfighters are from another world for many reasons, and one of them is this: They don’t realize they’re heavy.

Of course, presidents like the Bilbao native who forget the clock and let tasks like advertising batteries run out and go on also contribute to this. An hour later he sent a warning to Marín, in the second he forgave him, because the bullfighter insisted on not being insane, thus prolonging the agony of the fifth in the afternoon, and yet he took off his handkerchief and gave his ear.

Let’s see who will convince the bullfighter that he is wrong. His work as a crutch was endless with many completed passes, many of them soft and some acceptable; and people wanted me to play the music to spice up this mess a bit. He didn’t finish capturing the grueling and erratic second of the afternoon in mid-air either, but he gave passes to give and give.

If Marín gets bored, Perera has finished the painting. From the start, he failed to tame the established attack of the first, greedy and repetitive attack where the bullfighter was as professional and timid as he was cold. It gives the impression that Perera is a bullfighter who has depleted his reserves, lost his ability to surprise, whose bullfights sound like they’ve been seen before, and who cross the ring without leaving a trace or mystery. This was how it was seen in that bull who offered a chance of victory because of his will and will, and who could say nothing else before the fourth, very insipid and untidy.

And the newcomer Téllez lifted spirits in the third, distracted and elusive struggle, in which he played the long and tight naturals on the basis of determination and determination. It looked like it could finish off a good afternoon against the sixth, but the animal’s fledgling nobility turned into an annoying nod and an irrepressible desire to escape the fight. So, instead of shortening what the manual required, the bullfighter learned from his elders and taught another unbearable weight lesson.

He has no right to it; Bullfighters have no right to hide for the blink of an eye that they can’t make a work of art with twenty muletazos, making sure that what comes out with a yawned butt and a sore jaw just won’t come back.

When the last bull fell, there were barely twenty minutes short of three hours of celebration; then we complain that people don’t go to the square. By the way, another ruin at the box office today; and there are four…

Garcigrande/Perera, Marin, Tellez

bulls Garcigrandewell-presented, docile, and disorganized and demanding behavior; embedded first and second.

miguel angel perera: deep punch and lunge (applause); collapse (some palms).

Gines Marine: vertical lunge and thrust (back); moves _warning_ (ear).

Angel Tellez: puncture, lunge and thrust (applause); falling move (clap).

Bilbao arena. August 23. The fourth celebration of the Great Week. Just under a quarter of an entrance.

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