And you more, in the Senate

And you more, in the Senate

It was 4:01 pm in the Senate palace, and the plenary session of the House was starting in the sitting room. Appearance of the Head of Government, Pedro Sanchez Perez CastejonTo report on the scope of economic and financial measures adopted by the government and the role of autonomous communities in their implementation and maintenance of the welfare state.

The look was well received, given the usual disregard for what was once rightly called the camera obscura. But pedrologists Doubtful of Sanchez’s unusual interest in the Senate due to his discovery of the interesting role thatConsidering that it has only eight caucuses and neither Vox nor United We Can occupy any seats, or rather fit the purpose of attacking the new leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, new there After his appointment by the autonomous community of Galicia on May 24 under Article 69.5 of the Constitution.

Some socialists noticed that the polls detected increasing acceptance of Feijóo.

Of course, President Sánchez’s interference with his previous appearance in the Senate on Tuesday, September 6, strict adherence to the slogan of destroying the soldier Feijóo. Some socialists asked at the end of the session, after half past ten at night, to explain their Pedro’s appalling brutality. dangerous direct transfer of votes from a socialist sector this fell on the way to PP. Therefore, the utmost urgency was to close this gap.

Of course, once again, an overdose can be toxic, and abandonment of this principle has proven. recommends the most careful selection of enemies This can be counterproductive and eventually elevate them. An example of a meridian of the above can be observed in the case of the head of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz AyusoPedro Sánchez dedicated all sessions of the General Assembly of the Congress of Deputies as a result of turning him into a figure of bullfighting and Facilitating victory in the regional elections of 4 May 2021 Without the need for Vox support.

At Tuesday’s plenary session of the Senate, the agreement for the renewal of the Judicial Council, which neither Pedro nor Alberto wanted to harm, was suspended, thus proving once again. highly relevant topics are left in the darkness of silence. As for the session, his plan gives all the advantages to the Head of Government, assuming it is advantageous to have unlimited time for his interventions. But Núñez Feijóo’s mission the virtue of difficulty should have been to do rejects equal and at least half of the minutes present in accordance with the statute and the provisions of the statute.

Get to know Sánchez, the perfect patriot, the virtue of indifferently enduring this movement.

Also, at some point, the leader of the opposition would have to be surprised by guessing. The accusations that Sánchez will undoubtedly level against him when you speak. Acknowledge the virtue of Sánchez, the perfect patriot, to be indifferent to what his parliamentarian and government associates do everything without a joke. in any symbol of the nation without even imagining what would be released if one mutually agreed.

The parties that have been in the fight for enough years have their successes, mistakes, great and bad moments in their backpacks. They deserve praise and praise. Thus, they are attempts by the spokespersons of the parliamentary groups to attempt to rewrite history in order to wear all the medals and prevent rival competitors from rendering any service to the country. they are ridiculous and should be avoided from now on. Sessions are enough and more.


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