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Antonio Grande’s dream alternative in Alba is on the shoulders with Morante and Luque

Antonio Grande has a terrific bullfight before returning to the ring for the sixth time.

town of Salamanca Dawn of Tormes celebrated a bullfight today, which attracted great attention. Two charro badges like those by El Pilar and Francisco Galache de Hernandinos for a short list Moor from PueblaDaniel Luque and Antonio Grande, who took the alternative.

‘Grandillito’ opened in Alba de Tormes in the afternoon. Galache bull for Antonio Grande’s alternative. The Salamanca man happily speared Veronica into the reddish pronghorn. He gave it to his mother. Mixing started on her knees. It humiliated the animal and gave great softness to the rag, best for left python with very warm natural ones. He killed it with half a thrust. two ears.

Again, high marks for Antonio Grande with the bullfight against the bullfighter and some unassuming Chicuelinas. Of course he started the act, and this time with his right hand came the best version. ‘Mirillo’ from El Pilar farm was very brave and Grande soon started fighting without hesitation. The beast humiliated the beast with greed and class for the right python, and there Grande found harmony with deep and quality sequences. The inherent cost link of the series. Another knee fell to his knees with his right hand, and a full lunge led him to rip off two more ears and return them to the ring for the animal.

Two ears for a special Morante de la Puebla

Morante suggested ‘Calcetero’ half a dozen speed wells for packaging and flavor. Coming from La Puebla, he measured the strength of the Galache nobleman and kept up with him, tempered by the fact that both pythons were always willing to bet on bullfighting details against a cracked bull and fair power. He failed with the steels and got a loud round of applause for his dedication and roundness.

Morante gave the public his second, fourth mission in the afternoon. The Genuflexo, which was glued to the sheets, then began to stir to make the media very hot. Shedding El Pilar’s pet. Morante chose firmness, willingness, and serenity to wrestle the muletazos with the right hand of immense truth before Mois├ęs Fraile requested it. The natives were tied by the ballot box; This is dry courage before the attack of ‘Meloso’. Tendency and dominance culminated in a withering push that gave him two ears.

Firmness and good bullfighting from a custom Luque

Zorlu was the third of the El Pilar farm. Luque’s determination to overcome the animal’s uncertain attack. Tried at half height for both pythons, there were no options for the loudest brightness.

Facing the fifth, Luque prescribed light veronicas. Initially he fought very hard on the right side and stole the naturals of the great class one by one. Galache was humiliated but lacked dedication and soon wanted to stop. Luque recently finished and a good move gave him another ear and thus finished the afternoon with a trio of big doors.


Arena of Alba de Tormes (Salamanca). Outstanding bullfight for ‘Centenarios Teresianos’. It’s full of lines.

bulls Francisco Galache de Hernandinos (1st/2nd/6th) and El Pilar (3rd/4th/5th)

Moor from Puebla: Clap and two ears

Daniel Luke: ear and ear

Antonio Grande (Bottom): two ears and two ears

GALLERY: Miguel Hernandez

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