artistic passion according to Morante |  Culture

artistic passion according to Morante | Culture

Such is the case… The fourth bull was severely protested for his strange starting behavior; He looked injured or uncoordinated and was on the verge of being sent back. that’s the bull shot That baroque bullfighter, whose name and 540 kilos is Morante de la Puebla, has been the necessary collaborator of an unforgettable mission, singular, artistic, indecisive and at times eccentric.

There are moments in life that cannot be described, that you have to see in order to enjoy, feel and enjoy; Undoubtedly, this is what happens in works of art.

Well, today, September 23, in the Plaza de La Maestranza, at about a quarter past seven in the afternoon, an artist felt kidnapped in a flash of inspiration and left everyone there with their mouths open, goosebumps, and spirits shaken. .

So, no more. The standing tribunes didn’t seem to believe what they were seeing, and the cries of “bullfighter, bullfighter” paid homage in their own way to a bullfighter’s graceful grace.

What happened? Morante mustered courage, passion, creativity, intensity to put together an indescribable, fascinating, deeply inspiring task that he could not finish with a sword. No one knows what would have happened if he had gotten it right the first time; The truth is, he hung up in front of some emotion-stricken people.

No bullfighting in the first veronica; the bull obeyed the horse, and immediately after, Morante drew three chicuelina they were, in their own way, an astonishing genius of naturalism.

Crutches in hand, he propped himself up on the boards and tracked down some belted helpers as they pulled the bull into two lines. He quoted it with his right hand and liked it in a round, almost circular, slow and very hot muletazo. He took the bull to the media, took the deception with his left foot and conveyed that the animal had already warned him by the python; endured and stole the naturals full of depth. Two more right-handed laps, a wonder of lack of foresight. The square roared at the great turmoil it witnessed; and another final round of laps before he actually takes the rapier.

The moment at La Maestranza back then was indescribable, for what had just happened in the arena was a work of jewellery as beautiful as it was unexpected, as sublime as it was unpredictable. Missing then with his sword, Morante locked himself in the burladero and put his head in his hands in a gesture of deep despair as the incredible audience pulled his hair.

The return to the ring was one of those time savers that was a mix of disappointment and shock at the same time. The whole plaza was unfinished, but a smile of happiness in the great work of a bullfighting artist.

Morante had already warned In the first of seven veronicas, where slowness and anger stand out, there was also the beautiful voice of the animal that opened the celebration. There was no connection with this bull, and the good start of helping him kneel on the ground gradually faded.

Juan Ortega and Tomás Rufo accompanied the bullfighter from La Puebla. The first did not have a suitable place for bullfighting and passed without pain and glory. Some details about the cape before the fifth and little else. Her bulls are closed and she is upset with this image of conformism that takes them too far from her good artistic status.

And Rufo showed in his first bull a seasoned bullfighter with skill and manners, greed and repeated aggression. He crumpled it with ease and depth, but his opponent wanted something more that the right-handed young man couldn’t give him. So, it was true, but under bull conditions. The same thing happened to him before the sixth. It’s true, After the Morante bombing, the bullfight has lost color and this should be noticed by bullfighters more than anyone else. Rufo was again easy and solvent, but not at the expected height against a bull with enough repetition for another final result.

This sixth bull was presented to his subordinate, José Antonio Carretero, who was very excited at the end of the celebration and, in the presence of his little daughter, said goodbye to the ring and cut off his ponytail.

Jimenez/Morante, Ortega, Rufo

bulls Brothers Garcia Jiménez-Olga Jiménezwell presented, gentlemen on horseback, noble, gentle and strong.

Moor from Puebla: cucumber and half-move (applause); puncture _notice_ puncture and falling moves (ear).

John Ortega: deep puncture and pitting (silence); two holes and a half stretched (silence).

Thomas Rufus: puncture and lunge (applause); moves, four descabellos and the bull are thrown (silence).

La Maestranza Square. The first bullfight of the San Miguel Fair. September 23. Almost full.

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