Bilbao Fair: equestrian dance |  Culture

Bilbao Fair: equestrian dance | Culture

While it may seem like a repetitive and strenuous argument, it is true that bullfighting shows are becoming less and less exciting and horseback bullfights have been replaced by an equestrian display of magnificent specimens marvelously tamed in front of a selection of bulls selected from very fine irons. They do not seem to pose any difficulties for the knights and Amazons who wander around the ring as if they were in the courtyard of their home.

If there is no Taurus, there is no emotion; There is risk but no sense of danger. From miles away, equestrian bullfighters need no effort, are in trouble, and all their work looks like a game or public practice, which is usually nice, but that says nothing.

Pedestrian bullfighting figures are rightly accused of their excessive demands and contrasting pedigree to confront commercial herds, but perhaps more prominently is the sin in this bullfighting variety. A sickeningly repeated show of bullfighting announced with cattle beyond the seldom known two or three herds: bulls with very fair strength, overflowing nobility, and mobility, tuned to the horses’ need for ostentatiousness. Those of Fermín Bohórquez born and raised not to offend and to be an unrepentant collaborator lacked the basic spark of bullfighting.

Bohorquez/Hermoso, Vicens, Hermoso

Bulls suitably vestigial for bullfights Fermin Bohorquez, -sixth, returned invalid-, correct presentation, can be forgiven; fourth, fifth and hat standing

Beautiful Pablo from Mendoza: opposite rejon (ear); back and drooping tail (ear).

Lea Vicens: two holes, top rejón and a descabello (silence); upper rejon (ear).

William the Handsome Mendoza: diagonal and rear rejón, six descabellos and bull reclines (applause); puncture, crossbones, puncture and other bones (clap).

Vistalegre Square. August 20. First run of the Big Week. Half entry.

a) Yes, the beauty of Mendoza, dad met a meringue that he trained first without getting cluttered. His expertise and experience was enough to walk the ring without revealing a bar. The fourth had less of an intention to cooperate, stood in the middle of the mission, and the gentleman couldn’t get along with one of his horses – or horse with him – so he abused the fake passes at the banderillas and everything happened. little caffeine. The strange thing is that while there was the impression that most handkerchiefs weren’t on the lines, when there was an accident that demanding president Matías González overlooked, every bull walked an ear.

Another extension from the fifth walked Lea Vicens for the same reasons as her partner: she was right, as usual, without revealing too much. In the second, he was well tempered in front of an animal as generous as the others, but he was badly killed and left without reward; However, when he was hastily squashed by the bull before turning, he was unable to escape fear without major consequences.

And the ears did not cut off William, what news. He is certainly a very distinguished young bullfighter with innate qualities for bullfighting on horseback. More flamboyant than his teammates against the afternoon’s busiest third, he showed off with hermosina behind Berlin and successfully entered the banderillas with Ecuador. Though he lit the square with a pair of short, two-handed banderillas, the executioner’s mishandling knocked his balance back into a round of applause; so he came in third to be applauded. The sixth was a tame and outcast bull, whom he did not fight and again badly killed.

In short, for the bullfight to restore the lost emotion, someone should consider choosing other examples; if not, the bullfight on horseback will be lost or reduced to a clear equestrian dance as this fair in Bilbao premiered.

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