"Blood became my baptism and where better than in Zaragoza"

“Blood became my baptism and where better than in Zaragoza”

Novillero Javier Poley had some serious goring last Monday at Plaza de La Misericordia. He intervenes surgically, as soon as he leaves the hospital he returns to step into the arena where he wishes to bless himself as a bullfighter.

I see you’ve changed your crutches…

These crutches are worse… The other crutch I like is the one for bullfighting. This job is like that. I am ready to do anything to become a bullfighter.

There is no bullfighter who has not passed the infirmary…

This is what they said. I just passed a serious test. I left the hospital a few hours ago and here I am again, in the arena.

Serious. That’s what the medical report said: serious monitoring of three orbits. How does it feel to be cheated?

I noticed that Python is burnt. It was at my first wheel. I knew he was goring.

And he went out knowing he was drunk with a couple and also fought the second rudder…

Saragossa deserves everything. You had to go out the front door or the infirmary.

Why didn’t he go to the infirmary between helm and helm?

Because I knew that if I left, I would stay there and not go out at the second wheel. And he couldn’t miss the opportunity. My lawyer Ricardo Aguín ‘el Molinero’ asked me how I was doing. I told him to wait there and he said go ahead.

Damn they didn’t sew you, but they did make your suit.

In the capture, the helm broke the trousers, especially on the right leg.

At the last steering wheel, the trouser legs were sewn perfectly.

It was sewn by my swordsman Jorge Monje.

What a phenomenon, Jorge Monje: Luxuriously sewn.

It has a needle, thread and everything. A little more and she’s sewing the goring…

What did Val-Carreres say?

Don Carlos was there, but his daughter Pilar looked at me. She said there was a serious bleeding, that I had to operate and go to the hospital, she said. This has been my baptism of blood and where better than this square in Zaragoza. Fortunately, I’m fine. I want to train as soon as possible and get back to fighting.

How did this adventure begin?

My father instilled this hobby in me. Thank God they put me in the path of your teacher, Miller.

The poet has already said: This is the key, learn from those who know most.

It’s been a blessing for me. I am where I am thanks to Master Ricardo. I’ve been with him since I was 16 years old. I train with him at the Huesca Bullfighting School. We train a lot physically, which is very important. And also mentally. Miller taught me everything, not only in bulls but also in life.

It was very close… Good luck. Fifteen days before his big day in Pilar with Joselito and Juan Mora, on a televised night with Raúl Aranda and Tato, a bull took him out of circulation.

Luck also affects.

In addition to you, there is more promise at the Huesca School.

Claro, Ignacio and Rodrigo Boné, Miguel Porta, Jorge Mallén, Héctor Marco, David Sejas, Ángel Mena, Asier Abadiano, Brayan Bautista.

In Aragon too, Cristiano, Aarón Palacio, Fran Fernando… It’s been a long time since so many promises came.

The other day I showed that my courage is not lacking. It wasn’t the afternoon I had imagined. I wanted to cut off his ears and go up on his shoulders; but it was clear that I had given everything.

He looks very focused.

I definitely focused on the bull. Until recently, I was working in a bearing company. They let me combine my business with the bull. Now I want to devote myself body and soul to the bull.

Which current bullfighter are you passionate about?

Today’s poster of Zaragoza is great. Morante and Talavante fight in luxury. I also love Roca Rey, a bullfighter who gets close and knows how to communicate.

You also got close and knew how to communicate in this Column.

Thank you so much.

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