Boyano's novilada is not covered with ears

Boyano’s novilada is not covered with ears

If they say that last week’s bullfight is horseless this Monday, we’ll believe it.. Unfortunately, not anymore. whereat Boyano brothers The third of the Varas was bad for him. Sure… The strange thing was that these animals with a shortage of meat were fighting.

The victory of Víctor Hernández, the delight of Jorge Martínez, or the impulse of Javier Poley of Aragon do not cover the general fiasco.. When the verb is to care, not to be able, bullfighting loses all meaning. And the afternoons were spent on the floor with the little lambs.

room unacceptable. without auction. Faceless. Ears were more bulging than pythons. Green handkerchief for the helmsman and the overseer of the company. The three hats are long gone and there are still too many fairs…

He jumped one from Sánchez Herrero instead, which even with a swing healed the rest. The bull tucked his face deep, demanding without pulling everything under it. And son, Víctor Hernández, he was as skilled as he was rude at initiating most of the attacks.

The winner of the Golden Shoe – and the winner of Madrid – suggested the most natural. Then, towards the 3’s land, he always spat out the animal. One and the other. And the other. It didn’t matter where he took her. Everything sucked. The group played even before their opponent got bored and cracked. The President is holding his second ear.

Previously, Hernández had ex officio charged another -excessive-charge for a job.. The first of the Boyano Brothers barely endured and never demanded of him. Everything from the initial rubbing to the final embellishments flowed at medium height. Lots of content. The opposite of your partner George Martinez.

Murcian will see him through something else. It naturally came from crushing Las Ventas and credited the softness of his left wrist to his second on Monday. Always upright, natural, in harmony. It does everything slowly. Shame sword. And from animals…

Because he also lost his hands in the first round of the fifth right hands. So, instead of getting excited, you get angry. Even the boy who was as cold as a good bullfighter left in anger. I knew that the return to the ring—once again after a falling move—recognized manners more than merits.

Poley’s Will

And after another lap around the ring, Poley’s afternoon was over.. There was no humiliation at his first helm, he protested at the end of every muletazo, and Uteban didn’t teach him to attack either. He couldn’t. Didn’t download it. He fought on the python’s rope, sped up a bit until he went in for the kill, and suffered a nasty hemorrhage in the thigh.

Later, still wounded, came out clearer. Loosening from the beginning, rising on his knees, the countryman continued until the four hot series in the midfield. His manager, El Molinero, measures the task. All right, the kid’s going to kill it all, even though he fell on his face. And luckily, Carolina Chaves put up with the ear request after the helm was slow, and it took three tries with buttoning up.


Bullring in Zaragoza. Fifth subscription celebration Column Fair. One-third of the next entry. The Spanish anthem played before the paseillo was broken, and then the public came out to greet the three novilleros.

Victor Hernandez: lunge (ear); counter front move (ear after second request and warning).

George Martinez: short moves and two essences (large applause after warning); move drop (back to ring).

Javier Poley: puncture, counter lunge and scuffle (clap after warning); very tense and three descabellos moves (return to ring after ear request and stimulus).

At the end of the celebration, Dr. He was operated on by Val-Carreres for a tri-orbital hemorrhage in the thigh – one rising 10 centimeters, tearing the vastus medialis fibers, the other 5 tearing the quadriceps and quadriceps fibers. another reaching the femoral condyle, with a “serious” prognosis.

Amongst the teams, Iván García, Luis Cebadera and Marcos Prieto hailed.

Carolina Chaves presided over: Good. He gave Hernandez a cheap ear, but granted the other two requests.

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