Bruno Aloi: "My main goals are that the fans no longer see me as a bullfighting figure"

Bruno Aloi: “My main goals are that the fans no longer see me as a bullfighting figure”

  • Bruno Aloi, Mexican Novilleros sin Picadores, student of the Navas del Rey Bullfighting School

In the midst of a pandemic, he came to Spain to train as a bullfighter in our country because he knows that in Spain he can have the best prospects and the greatest aspirations. After several months of preparation at school in Madrid and bullfights at various tentaderos and behind closed doors, Bruno debuted as a novillero in May 2022 without the bullfighters. Since then, he’s developed a busy season establishing himself as a bullfighter. to gain a personality that is always based on naturalness, depth of movements and a high dose of courage, which he immediately transfers to the stands and is known to be appreciated by the public, and to determine his style.

As a professional bullfighter, I set a few goals for myself; That’s what I train for and I dedicate myself to it every day. My main goals are that the fans no longer see me as a bullfighting figure and I realize that the challenge and seriousness I put forth requires complete dedication and commitment.

Ever since I can remember, I have felt the passion for bullfighting inherited from my mother (a rancher’s daughter) and my father, a bullfighter. I also accompanied my grandfather (the rancher from Rancho Seco) to make a tentadero shooting some muletazo at a very young age, not knowing that I really wanted to dedicate myself professionally. It wasn’t until 2014 that I started wanting to fight at a bullfighting festival, and for that, I started some private lessons with Mexican petty officer Sergio González, with whom I’ve been working for two years, and fought at two bullfighting festivals in La Florrecita and San Juan. Del Rio Later, in 2016, I started preparing to become a professional in my home country, Mexico. I belong to a family with a tradition of animal husbandry and bullfighting, and this has allowed me to thoroughly prepare myself and participate in numerous tentaderos on the following farms:

  • Rancho Seco, De Haro, Piedras Negras, Núñez del Olmo, Montecristo, Jaral de Peñas, Pozo Hondo, La Gasca, Enrique Fraga, San Juan Pan de Arriba, Teófilo Gómez, Pablo Moreno and El Siete.

In Mexico I also participated in different non-professional celebrations, which I will highlight:

  • La Florrecita Festival and San Juan del Rio Festival

In July 2020, I settled in Spain permanently as I was aware that as a professional I needed to take firm steps for my consolidation. I am a student of Navas del Rey (Madrid) Bullfighting School. I am conducting my training with my teachers Alberto Aguilar and David Adalid.

As a student of the Madrid School, I participated in the “II Bolsín de Cariñena”, held in February and March 2022, where I was a finalist and placed third among a total of 65 novillero participants.

Also, as a student of the aforementioned school, I was selected to participate in the “II National City of Bullfighting Schools Coria Competition” held in March 2022.

In addition to the Bullfighting School, I provide exceptional training with bullfighting experts who assist and advise me: bullfighting, bullfighting with capes and crutches, banderillas and the death carriage.

I have participated in various tentaderos on farms in Spain (Lisardo Sánchez, Rehuelga, Alcurrucén, Salvador Cortés, Javier Blanco) and Portugal (Falé Filipe, Palha, David Ribeiro Téllez, Pasanha).

I regularly fight rudders (erales and utreros) behind closed doors and have also killed four and five year old bulls.


  • First time as a novillero without picadors in it ear beehive (Madrid) I fought on 05-08-2022 with two rudders from Santa Teresa and Couto de Fornilhos. Conclusion: ear and ear
  • Organized mixed bullfighting Navas de San Juan (Jaén) 06-23-2022 is about a period of Hermanos Ruiz Cánovas. Conclusion: ear.
  • held bullfight Valley St. Stephen (Ávila) 07-09-2022 is about an era of Antonio San Román. Conclusion: two ears and tail.
  • Bullfighting St. Adrian (Navarra) 07-30-2022, two eral Result from Prieto de la Cal: back to the ear and ring.
  • Bullfighting grids (Toledo) 08-06-2022, two erals from “El Cotillo”. Conclusion: two ears and tail and two ears.
  • Bullfighting Fountain (Guadalajara) 08-15-2022, two erals from “Montealto”. Conclusion: ear and two ears and tail.
  • Bullfighting Peter Bernard (Ávila) 08-16-2022, period of “Pablo Mayoral”. Conclusion: two ears and tail.
  • Bullfighting fat (Guadalajara) 08-17-2022, two eras of “Juan Barriopedro”. Conclusion: two ears and ears.
  • Bullfighting The new village of the Ebro (La Rioja) 08-25-2022, two periods of “Juan Pedro Domecq”. Conclusion: clap and ear
  • mixed bullfight Avila’s Ship (Ávila) 09-04-2022, an eral from “Alcurrucén”. Conclusion: two ears.
  • at the festival Peter Bernard (Ávila) 09-15-2022, a helm from “La Laguna”. Conclusion: two ears and tail.
  • Bullfighting Marine Morale (Toledo) Two helms from “Alcurrucén” on 09-16-2022. Conclusion: clap and two ears.
  • Bullfighting in Santa Cruz del Valle (Ávila) 09-17-2022, a cattle from the Manuel Gimeno herd. The result: two ears.
  • Bullfighting Valdetorres de Jarama (Madrid) 09-18-2022, two helms from “Gómez Morales” and “Cerrolongo”. The result: ear and two ears.
  • Festival on 09-23-2022 in La Puerta de Segura (Jaén), an animal from the herd of Martín Carrasco. Conclusion: two ears.
  • Bullfighting lethargic (Ávila) A cattle from the Manuel Gimeno herd on 10-01-2022. Conclusion: two ears.
  • Bullfighting Trevelez (Granada) 10-15-2022, two helms from Castillo de la Reina and Martín Campos. Conclusion: two ears and two ears

Spain finished the season with a magnificent balance of eighteen celebrations and planned an upcoming commitment at the prestigious Aguascalientes Fair (Mexico).

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