bullfighting and lies

bullfighting and lies

An interesting exercise was the public hearing of the bill aimed at banning bullfights in Colombia.

What did that session at the Çalı Chamber of Commerce leave us with last Friday? There are many facts for the author, who is a proud member of the bullfighting community.

First: the initiative of the so-called animal activists is due to ignorance of any reality. It wouldn’t be so serious today as they didn’t push to ban an activity framed by legality. It’s the same family that makes a living, along with the support of thousands of families – let’s call it militancy.

Support thousands of people? Prohibitionists will ask. Yes, thousands of people in a country where dark clouds, especially unemployment, appear on the economic and social horizons.

There, during the trial, the puzzled face of Juan Carlos Losada, the representative who inspired the project, was a poem of the bleak panorama his idea would leave in the vast economic world, as he learned from the mouths of eventual victims. circuit created by festivity.

And we’re only talking about the first ring. Because if the Congress of the Republic had listened to different sides of the hospitality world, it would have known the damage it has already done in Bogota and Medellin. Except for those coming to Cali and Manizales. Not to mention dozens of small towns where bulls move hobby and tourism.

This scope should be known to those who will judge the existence of the bull festival.

The worst part is they don’t know him. They didn’t even bother to find out what the fighting bull was, after which it seems that extinction is the sole purpose of some.

This was recognized by a spokesperson for this strange reason. More words, less words: Since this animal is the result of genetic manipulation, now without bullfights, the next step in its evolution is to disappear. It’s bullshit that’s nothing but ignorance.

And your lie. Losada himself returned there to discard the old story of substances allegedly valid for bulls before the fight.
You, Losada, who prided himself on being an amateur in his youth, should know that if there’s anything dangerous for the bullfighter when he encounters a brave bull, it’s that he can’t see well. They taught him wrong.

Losada also said that proof of the bullfighting festival’s decline is the absence of bidders in the final tender for La Santamaría in Bogota.

Another lie. There were no bidders because what they were bidding on was something very different from bullfights and the like. They wanted it to be without a puya, without a sword. Rather, it is not bullfighting, but mild bullfighting, which is its physical denaturation.

Let us be clear that those who take this side lack the real truth of bullfighting. They are nothing but fifth columnists.

But it’s not just lies they want to impose. It is also hypocrisy.

A few days ago, bullfights were also on the agenda, along with corralejas and cockfights. Now there are only bullfights. And this?: pure and rough selection calculation.

Although all this is nothing but coins, what does an artist do if his art is taken away from him? someone asked. There was no answer.

Because the real seriousness of this ban is its attack on freedoms.

The judgment of history will deal with this arbitrary form of processing. Although before, the Constitutional Court. See you there if you want.

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