bullfighting dream

bullfighting dream

No one thinks it’s a big deal Marco Pérez’s star appearance at La Maestranza It suddenly appeared. Despite his young age nothing happens overnightdespite having an unlearned innate ability. There are no miracles in bullfights. And probably still alive. No matter how young, it is a matter of work, dedication and effort. The key was discovered by the classics when they said the secret to success was stealing hours from sleep. Those who put this maxim into practice win, or at least have the clearest path, although the best doesn’t always come. It happens in all orders of life. It’s more of a bullfight where so much influences, nothing can be left to chance in this game of uncertainty of chance and death.

Almost ten years ago, in the privacy and solitude of the countryside, I already had the privilege of attending an event.. It’s a summer afternoon in Pedraza de Yeltes, when a seven-year-old boy younger than today is battling the first calf of his life. A wonderful birth. Not just for what he does, but for how he does it. And much more for what it feels like it can do. Another incident occurred at the end of that little calf’s bullfight. Discover and meet a genius in Agraz. In addition to congratulations, I dared to tell his family that besides being a bullfighter, they had a problem because Marco Pérez, the incurable poison of bullfighting, was already inside him. Moreover, his father had to experience the most painful face of bullfighting, which flowed through his veins. In memory of Robles at La Glorieta, that unforgettable afternoon of the festival, when he was a banderillero, a bull drove him out of the ring. Marco was not yet born. “No, Marco now has to study, if the other will come, he will come”. It was her mother’s answer. And there was one revealing and inappropriate detail for such a small bullfighter: “Mom, I’m going to work… but I want to be a bullfighter”. The views were self explanatory. No one knew what would happen, just as no one knew what was going to happen at the bullfight tomorrow. Here you go from victory to hell in one breath and from zero to thousand in a second. A muletazo changes your life, an attack puts you on the road. A bullfighter dedicates, trains, and dreams mornings, afternoons, and nights, so that when the day comes, the bull and the stage change his life.

History is whimsical… If it had been Morante who took the bullring out of the pandemic, in a few years Marco might have consolidated it and brought it back to where it should never have lost.

A world has passed since that summer afternoon at Pedraza de Yeltes in 2014.. Almost ten years away from fighting in public, the boy’s endless wait seemed like it would never come. This illusion of boy in jeans and white shirt with rolled up sleeves is the time of his life. Currently, they must sign special administrative permits for a man to be able to fight while keeping his word. He wants to continue being a bullfighter, if possible, more than ever, and he works like everyone else. Just 15 years old, Confirmed by the final academic record of ESO’s 3rd year: ten outstanding and notable. It is not clear whether she will study Medicine, Nursing or Journalism. This must have been one of the few doubts he had in his privileged mind that drove him to do things that many wouldn’t even dare to dream of.

Neither Marco Pérez nor those around him wasted any time in the silence of the intense and long wait. Moreover, they continued to sow quietly so that the bullfighter continued to improve. And they worked in the shade. That summer afternoon in 2014 came the La Glorieta disaster the following year; Ávila’s controversial performance, already surrounded by numbers, captured by Juan Bautista, who watched and believed in him before everyone else, made his American debut in four different countries last year; its presentation in Spain last spring and the date of October 12 in Seville in the afternoon. Nothing happened by accident. Although many have discovered Marco now. Even though everyone wanted to interview him now, everyone wanted to see him now, even though now everyone guessed how awesome he was and how important he would be. Bullfighting is so vague and unpredictable that even this is unknown, no matter how obvious it may seem. For all the superior conditions that a very small and a very large bullfighter have at the same time.

Even time has been capricious in this regard. If Morante is the right wing who owns almost no company, bringing the bullfight out of the pandemic, it could be Marco Pérez who consoled him.who secures it, who places it, shoots it and returns it where it should never have stopped. And again, it could be the bullfighter filling the squares. All these are illusions, hypotheses, and even wishes that have yet to come. What Urdiales said last week is what no one can take away from him: “Don’t let the milongas tell me what’s going to happen tomorrow, all I know is that what he did in Seville is already history. And it’s within the reach of geniuses only, he was able to stand the square up seven or eight times. Nobody “Let him not tell me about tomorrow. He is the chosen one. Instead of putting sticks in the wheels, we will enjoy what’s in front of us. That’s it. Let’s enjoy those who made us dream of bullfighting. And the future of bullfighting.”

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