"Bullfighting is more than hard, it puts you where you deserve to be"

“Bullfighting is more than hard, it puts you where you deserve to be”

André Lagravere “El Galo” is a new bullfighter with an air of classic bullfighting, basing his court on the pursuit of purity. And it’s clear that this Mexican right-hander wants to be a figure who takes the path of spontaneity and is the slowest possible expression of bullfighting. He is currently closing the season in Spain as he will fight in Niebla this weekend and then return to his country where he has highly relevant commitments.

What assignment of the season are you staying with?

I prefer my task with a bull from the Vistahermosa herd at the bullring of Nuevo Progreso in Guadalajara this year, the truth is, I liked it because of the slowness of its attacks. I was able to reverse the situation in the conditions I had since my first bull was impossible. The sword trophies disappeared, but there was a feeling that I was interrupting a quest that expressed what I was looking for and feeling.

Is it possible to dream while fighting?

Yes, of course, when you are this comfortable with the bull, you get into a situation that is difficult to explain, where everything happens naturally, in rhythmic, slow movements… There is an understanding between a bull and a bull. The bullfighter who is special when he participates 100 percent in doing what one feels. It’s hard to explain but easy to feel.

How do you view Niebla’s date?

A very nice illusion for the poster, the venue, my desire to fight in Spain before continuing the season in Mexico… Thank goodness this will happen, I’m very excited to knock on the door more next year. , something that excites me a lot, I want to let go of the feelings of a bullfighter that might work.

What type of bullfighting do you most identify with?

I don’t identify myself with a particular kind of bullfight, I’m looking for something deep, slow, and my own. I think I can feel it, I practice and work every day to master this feeling, looking for something that moves me in a deep and non-superficial way without wanting to immerse myself in a word like art, value. or classicism, like being a bullfighter or an artist, it’s all about inspiration.

How do you approach the Mexican season?

It was very good with 19 bullfights and positive balance that I was able to step into all the important squares in the country, thank God. I want to close this year with the view that I can repeat it in all these places next year with an evolution to take over by strengthening the site and climbing higher.

Will we see you more in Spain in the 2023 season?

I want to do a longer season, I know it’s hard, but if you come prepared and the doors open at the level you need to show, I think I will go to Spain with hope next year.

Is bullfighting hard?

The truth is, bullfighting is tough, truer than hard, but it puts you where you deserve to be, so it’s brutal most of the time. Fortunately, I believe it is difficult if one gives everything and prepares properly, but I think that’s why I don’t try to see the negative side of the reward, it is a profession that I love and enjoy doing. I want to reach my goals.

Where are you artistically?

I feel good, especially personally I feel much better, I think that being at peace with myself makes it possible to be one hundred percent in a bullfight and create a work in front of a bull.

Who is Gallo?

Although he is 23 years old, I think he is a calm person who has grown into a mature person over the years. Life has taught me a lot and I am very grateful to it, I am very realistic in everything although there are pros and cons, I do everything to achieve my goals and I achieve them, I hope I succeed in everything I set out on. .

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