Bullfighting winter ‘warming up’: all shift changes that have already taken place

With the season coming to an end, many swordsmen decide to end their empowerment relationship with their trusted men with whom they have shared part of their careers. Tears with new seizures, new illusions for the coming year.

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These are times to reflect and reflect on the path every matador, rejoneador or novillero would like to take so that their careers take a new impulse or don’t stop growing until they become stable. Bullfighters as FFernando Robleño, Sebastián Castella, Daniel Luque, Jesús Enrique Colombo and Damián Castaño Some of the names who recently announced their relationship with their former attorneys.

Currently, the importance of independent lawyers who do not have a home to support them is dwindling. As the years pass and the festivities dwindle, the big houses monopolize the majority of the bullfighters, often serving as a barter to enter one square or another, setting aside contracted values ​​in the ring.

Formerly an independent force moved mountains, today there are few bullfighters on the market who have surrendered themselves to the hands of a man far from their almost completely monopolized business home. Today it is normal to see a businessman holding three legs of the bank, livestock, bullfighters and bullfights.

The only bullfighter with the strength to go a separate path, José Antonio Morante de la Puebla: Sevillian is a dedicated bullfighter who relies on a personal friend of La Puebla, Pedro Marqués, to settle his contracts, and puts himself to the stage where he leaves it to other hands.

worshiper He wanted to stop at the bullfighters who ended a scene with their proxies, looking for a change of scenery for the American season and a 2023 that should be key to the future of their careers. We present them one by one below.

Sebastián Castella, new stage next to Casa Matilla

Sebastian Castella
Sebastian Castella. © SC

Sebastian Castella He will return to the ring in Manizales and face a 2023 where Béziers will be next to a legendary right-handed bullfighting house. His return will be with Casa Matilla, not with the French player’s previous manager, Simón Casas. It’s a new phase in bullfighting where he faces the illusion of continuing to show that he can continue to reach significant heights.

Daniel Luque and what now?

Luke on his shoulders. / Emilio Mendez

After three seasons together Daniel Luque and Carlos Zuñiga ended their empowerment relationship, thus parting ways with a tandem that gave fans a wonderful afternoon of bullfighting, one in the role of proxy and the other in the role of bullfighter.

Fernando Robleño and his manager break their union

Fernando Robleño to her “Good luck” After this breakup by mutual agreement, who had been her mentor until now, she took a new path in her search for the office man. This is how they came to this newsroom yesterday. Madrid bullfighter Fernando Robleño and his manager Ángel Guzmán have ended the empowering relationship that has united them in recent seasons.

Colombo, also free

Colombo before the walk.

Jesus Henry Colombo Y nacho de la serna They ended their professional relationship by mutual agreement and amicably, how could it be otherwise after seasons together. During these seasons, was available precisely where it was of maximum relevance What Madrid, pamplona anyone bayonneamong others.

Free filing for 2023

The Murcian bullfighter became one of the bullfighters who decided to take a new direction in his profession. After seeing what a world it has cost her to get into her posters, she is now looking for that trusty man who has managed to put her where an explosion would give her career a 360-degree spin.

Javier Castaño and Jesús de Alba, final point

After three years together, they ended their empowerment relationship. The bullfighter born in Leon wants to be able, with this change of authority, to be able to return to the arenas where he was not so long ago. The toughness of the bullfight is reflected in a bullfighter like Javier; After suffering from cancer, he returns to the ring to pursue a career that has not been as expected of late.

Damián Castaño, a rising bullfighter, free for 2023

«I want to thank Carlos Sánchez for a very important stage in my career, I look forward to finding someone to guide my career and achieve the goals set”, The bullfighter explained in a statement. After ending his empowering relationship with Carlos Sánchez, who has been his mentor for the past five seasons, Castaño is looking to make this leap that will allow him to consolidate at the major trade shows he’s been able to enter this year.

Octavio Chacón and Antonio Caba, the end of a cycle

after six seasons “It’s time to close a very satisfying phase”, they reported in a statement to this newsroom. The man from Cádiz realizes that despite the good work of Antonio Caba, it is time to part ways. Now he’s waiting to find a new trusted man who will continue to support him in places like Las Ventas, Dax, Mont de Marsan, Orthez or Vic Fezensac.

Manuel Amador and Sergio Serrano end their empowerment relationship

The Albacete bullfighter finished this season by being announced at 19 bullfights and three festivals. More than a positive year for a sword in Azpeitia that inflicted a severe blow that forced it to stop. The decision for this separation was made by mutual agreement after a meeting where both appreciated the confidence shown and the time allotted during these three seasons and showed the best chances for both in the stages that are now starting.

Rafaelillo and Martínez Erice, end of watch

The agreement was reached by mutual agreement and sincerity between both parties wishing good luck in the future on a personal and professional level. This was announced in a statement on the social networks of the Murcian bullfighter. This is a sword that is showing its face again in 2022 and is looking for a new companion to get those contracts in the key places it has had in past seasons.

The winner of San Isidro has already found a mentor

Ángel Téllez is one of the names of the year and triumphed in front of the animals of Victoriano del Río, after his great performance in the Arauz de Roble bullfight for De Justo. Winner of Puerta Grande and San Isidro. From there his career took off. After speculating about the power of attorney change, it was Simón Casas who convinced him in the summer. Now it faces a 2023 that has to be in the toughest places.

Novillero Cristiano Torres, who will “take four houses from his mother and sisters”, will be taken over by Martínez Erice

The overwhelming Aragonese novillero, the ultimate winner of the course among the horseless novilleros, has decided on the professionalism and experience of the bullfighter from San Sebastian so that he will guide his professional career from now on. This will lead the beginner novillero to take part in many fairs that give novillero the opportunity to register at their fairs, but to reach these appointments he must first gain experience in other genres.

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