Bulls: The double big door and the Talavante scandal

Bulls: The double big door and the Talavante scandal

Madrid square. The seventh in the Corrida de la Hispanidad and Autumn series. It’s full. bulls Victoria River (5), very unequal in presentation, from the first bullfight in the afternoon to the ox fighting in the fourth place, a bullfight is also very unequal in the game, the third is really used, and the second is noble and easy, and someone who fights in the fifth place due to a change of order. Alexander Talavant (0), plum and gold. Loose move (silence). Prick, throw forward and deis iting. Three warnings (anger). king rock (6), burgundy and gold. Front move. A warning (two ears protesting by an industry). Two holes and forward thrust (silence). Manuel Francis (7), white and gold. lunge (one ear). moves each (two ears)

The so-called Hispanic bullfight lasted three hours and closed the Autumn cycle and season in Madrid. Three hours that gave time to all sorts of events and ended with a double big gate by Roca Rey and Francisco de Manuel, but initially left an injury balance on the second bull, with two consecutive comebacks to the corral. In the meantime, the scandal of Alejandro Talavante, who heard three announcements, broke out.

The Talavante went to the alley as usual and the locals, an undocumented Marketplace, understood this as neglect of functions and organized a monumental fight. Is it true that Talavante resigned after the second warning, or was he imitating José Tomás in 2002 when Adolfo Martín heard three warnings in his bull, lowering his arms and surrendering himself to death? In any case, this was the sad epilogue of five afternoons, five!, of this bullfighter in Madrid this season. Eleven bulls fought, became an ear and a live bull.

First afternoon Talavante happened many times this year, very light in their approach, with some bullfighter details and under the bull’s kindness. But in terms of goodness and quality, it is second to Francisco de Manuel. An ideal bull for embroidering and a young bullfighter, I have already seen him very clearly in a rather porous chiuelines with his cloak. After some doubt, he began bullfighting somewhat unsteadily in his right hand and did the most important job of the afternoon when he discovered the bull’s majestic left python.

There was depth in the natives and a lot of sincerity in the embroidery.. Those crutches definitively opened the great door, which he had secured with a falling sword blow. The bull rolled without lace, and the people, intoxicated with victory, forgot where the steel was. two ears. He had already cut one for his unequal work on encastadito at three in the afternoon. The bull eventually cracked and fell in love with Manuel mulete, with the cheap one selling very well.

Dude, let’s not forget that Kingrock cut off both ears of the hat that came off after two cripples returned to the pen. The brand duty of the house where right hands are not missing and there is no wastage of surrender in bullfighting from behind. Of course, the hand changes are delicious for this bullfighter, who combines everything he owns with innate value and lots of love. He does not disappoint those who come to see him, and he does not fail at the sword. In the sixth, he realized that when there was no longer room for exchanged countries, ruins, and changes of hands, it had to do with intermittent naturals and little else. Roca Rey, along with Francisco de Manuel, went through the main gate and pulled out San Isidro’s thorn from the country where he had failed. In any case, he is the bullfighter of recent years, with more regularity and more box office receipts.

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