Bulls Valencia |  Algemesi, history about the future of bullfights

Bulls Valencia | Algemesi, history about the future of bullfights

The symbolism of Novilladas attempts permanent repeal. perception a special plot relevance and place it between one of the municipalities where more bullfighters are discovering the current bullfighting scene.

With almost no embellishment, River bank stands as something unique in the history of bullfighting. It was built almost a month before the start of the Novilleril cycle and was overseen by architects. just a square made of wood and rope. And this is where the most direct magnetism of a transparent and complex arena is consolidated and at the same time with a single ring: rectangular and streetless.

Algemesian fans, mostly made up of children and young peoplefulfills the sense of giving the scoop on the allegorical language of bullfighting: bullfighting is a party, but it does not lose respect to its essence. because perception during it Bous Week adopts the maximum expression.

The first date of the day is the confinement of cattle to be fought in the afternoon in the purest manner. sanferminero. After Novillada, the hat returns to circles with another type of confinement, where the majority of townspeople fill the talanquera to see the brave animal pass. Finally, in the huts of the rocks Salvador Castell Park life is celebrated and gastronomy commands.

Valencians stand out among young bullfighters truant from school Miguel Senent “Miguelito”from Campanar; Jordi Pérez, “The Sisters’ Child” and equestrian socialites Nek Romero, of the perception; Y Javier Campsof the Massamagrell. In addition to the bullfighters at the Bullfighting School Valencia, Borja Navarro Y marco polo.

On your own behalf Miguelitofrom cutting off an ear Azuqueca de Henareswill fight his rudders this afternoon torrestar beside Arthur Gilio. young coming life also logged in sales managed to cut off an ear, leaving a good display at the beginning of the year Valencia inside Celebration in May. this afternoon and One of the next 9 October in “Cap i Casal” They seem essential to their future.

bullfighter Massamagrell, Javier CampsHe will make his horse debut against a bullfight on Wednesday, 28th. Alexander Talavant together Victor Hernandezyoung man reaching the big door Madrid this year. The 22-year-old Camps has a special bullfighting concept that makes its mark with his classic side.

On your own behalf Jordi Pérez, “The Sisters’ Child”come back perception after winning the day with castoreño last year. The brand new winner of the bullfighters, Pérez Fallas Fairalso cut off an ear sales This is summer launch day. And for the next 30 Friday, nothing will be left in the inkwell in front of the copies. Nuñez de Tarifasubstitute currency Nuñez del Cuvillo. Valencian will do paseo together Jorge MartinezAnother name to keep in mind for its purity and value.

Another Valencia resident perception although with family Archbishop Villanueva (Jaén) will make his horse debut on October 1. named Nek RomeroHe is 19 years old and one of the most outstanding students of bullfighting school in recent years. will face the currency river victorianwinner of last year and will do it together Manual KnightSon of the legendary bullfighter of the same name from Albacete.

currencies Barley Beakwho will take care of tomorrow and pallaresIt is ambitious with its story and cast, which will be screened on Thursday. bullfighters Perez Langa Y Sebastian Fernandez The fair will close on Sunday, October 2nd.

Among the absences, one Alvaro Alarcon anyone Miguel Polop. Finally, Algemesi returns to make a date with the future of bullfights.

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