Cradle of knowledge: And Salamanca shouted: Long live Morante!

Cradle of knowledge: And Salamanca shouted: Long live Morante!

The bullfight went on until enough had been said; In fact, as he left the square, night had fallen over the city, and a crowd was swirling around the Puerta del Toro, forming a gigantic human gag. It was a stylish afternoon and at least in the numerical result, maximum expectation was finally fulfilled and everyone was very happy to see the start on the shoulders of the list. And while there is good stuff in this bullfight—early exaggeration—the truth is that this Fiesta is geared towards that, ultimate victory. In fact, sooner or later it will be announced on the posters: At the end of the celebration, the acting shortlist will be off the shoulders.

The rest have a lot to say in the midst of a shutdown where several bulls are showing clear symptoms of the integrity of their pythons. Come on – in the so-called manipulation – even though he wasn’t there, the truth is, hairdressing He is working in an open fraud and defrauding the public. The shaving scourge and exorbitantly high ticket prices should be two of the battlegrounds to defend the Festival’s greatness. Because at the close of the fair this afternoon – in the absence of San Mateo’s horse dessert – bullfighting was very fair, but ideal for the current fashion of beautiful bullfighting, where aesthetics are sought before the feeling of power. a brave bull – wow, if every day brave bulls come out that the cleaner will come!, if you really dominate it and people get excited. Come on, a bit like the reality of the country, with the lack of emotion brought by the outcast bull, where the most important outcome is to sell the image, the dream, the pulp on which the festival goes.

As easy as it is to imagine, the fate of the rods has been nothing more than a mere imaginary safe act unraveling with a peck and a quick change of thirds to these bulls. produced for crutches. It’s a shame to see how one of the best chances of fighting was lost. Although on this occasion, in the fight of the second bull, the horse became the hero of the afternoon, jumping off the picador’s horse and going crazy and crashing into the boards, breaking the woodwork and staying still for a few minutes. happily solved thanks to the good operator team of the square.

And if there’s anyone up there that really deserves praise, it was Morante, the worthless cigar genius who took the first place to listen to a bullfighter’s rage. His greatness comes from the fourth, instead of the fourth, that he is very determined and, by many facts, already from the enormous capote salute to the veronica, or from the later being carried away by the chicuelinas to take him to the horse. by auctioning off a bit of gallista flavor… But the best was missing, with an intense muleta mission, inspiring flavor, a wide range of decorations that were a delight and evoked oles, as well as bullfighter-bullfighter shouts. ! nothing more to kill with a push.

Talavante is looking for its best version and has hinted that it is on the right track in Salamanca. Worth seeing was the example of removing gaoneras or already two sets of long and deep natural low hand crutches with crutches. He lost weight after the mission and the move was not resonating, so the second ear remained. But the taste and essence remained, because there was nothing to draw from in the weak fifth.

Roca Rey came to reventa-calderas wanting to take over the world, and he did so through dedication and passion. Especially in the sixth, it is a standing mule that he offers his thighs. caressed The pythons did it all and went berserk because his second ear killed well even though he remained on an endless mission when night fell. And there, in the midst of delirium and euphoria, a crowd left the square on their way through the Puerta del Toro to Puerta del Toro to see the trio leave on their shoulders. A truly deserving debut above the others was Morante.


For years, there have been banderilleros specializing in blocking mules from crossing at the moment of dragging the bull; then they stay ahead at moments of desire to force the box to listen more. Such situations should be sanctioned, and it’s as dreadful as asking their subordinates’ ears – turned into beggars lacking grace and showing no signs of bullfighting.

And if at this last bullfight the company decided to sing the national anthem before the paseíllo, a minute’s silence was held at the start of the fair in memory of Victoriano Cáneba, whose memory is enormously ugly.

Then, during the bullfight, there was a lot of rural atmosphere in the solanera, where there were too many spontaneous people, many inappropriate voices provocateurs, and none of them had grace or imagination. And they’re really bored of Spain, long live the persistent repeated throughout the afternoon. Because it’s small fun and very boring.

And with that and a cake…

Paco Canamero


cattle breeding: Fighted bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo, their presence is fair, often lacking in breed, suspected of being pythons. Despite the noble behavior.

Moor from Puebla (tobacco and white thread): Fight and two ears.

Alexander Talavant (white and gold): Two ears and salute.

king rock (pale pink and gold): One ear and two ears.

Crew: Miguelín Murillo and Manuel Izquierdo hailed the fifth bull after mating. Sixth greeted Chip after two good couples.

Environment: Packed with ‘get tickets’ with a great atmosphere on a summer afternoon.

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