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cricket cage

been hard to find all year Bullfighting in the tips. It’s getting more and more expensive. At best, it’s becoming more and more common to see the famous balls, rounded ends, more or less cheekily made on bulls’ pythons.

The lower the square’s category, the greater the abuse. Not only on the posters of the figures, but also. mischief disappeared and even embarrassing. No more reservations. And don’t just look at the towns, stop and stop at the first fairs, the biggest dead end loops, and you’ll be fried as soon as you dig.

It should start with the restructuring of the bullfights prestige and seriousness of the bull. For respecting him and respecting the show itself. And here the fan plays a fundamental role, indispensable in any bullfighting function. There’s no point in bullfighting without it. No one risks his life without an audience, no farmer can raise his bulls without an audience. And without an audience, neither one nor the other could be paid.

An empty bullfighting arena Defending the party is the worst argument. And it is the public that is least considered when putting all the pieces of bullfighting gear into play. Because, among other things, it is not respected when the integrity of the bull jumping into the ring is questioned.

Admitting that the bulls have barely entered the ring with their integrity intact is nothing more than a burden for bullfighting. It’s not about thinking about tomorrow, it’s just trying to maximize today’s show without planting or believing in tomorrow. A short-term and selfish vision. It’s an egoism that makes bullfights dangerous, and even more dangerous at a critical moment when all the variety shows of the moment pass. Nobody thinks about it.

The companies there almost don’t even give orders. They neither impose nor consider their customers. Contradictory as it seems. No one seems to notice public or public opinion. fan passing by the box office.

There is a lack of entrepreneurs with the personality and character to persuade and hire the numbers, defend the seriousness and integrity of the bull, put the fans first and put on a show in all its glory. And it’s missing a sensitive passage in bullfighting history. L

The pandemic has left many to the side of the road and tied everyone to the ropes, not just because of the punctual damage it has done in two years, 2020 and 2021. And from this only the most determined were strengthened. Not just because of all that, but from that moment on. changed the attitude of the peopleSquares.

Many fairgrounds have lost some of their personality, and the public’s criteria have become the most unexpected criteria imaginable. Even those on the big stages. Not only is the requirement lost, but it seems that a large part of the knowledge is also lost in one hit. It was not to be, on the contrary, the squares themselves became a faithful reflection of life’s own chaos. And from the nonsense that invades us. between cricket cage that society itself develops, devoid of values ​​and often criteria.

This pervasive hum has also spread to the arenas, and the public has followed a course that is not only unknown, but also uncertain and alarming. And it needs ordering. Order and respect begin with honesty. Everyone stands upright before a bull on the dots. In the ring and even

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