Diego Urdiales is bullfighting in Zaragoza

Diego Urdiales is bullfighting in Zaragoza

In the afternoon he rushed into the abyss of nothingness. Likewise, Juan Pedro Domecq’s bulls, devoid of the slightest caste, the most insignificant fasting power of any fund, and any hint of thrust, fell off the cliff at the Plaza de la Misericordia arena in Zaragoza. One afternoon without him until the death of the third, that was the whole story of history. It was worth mentioning, to highlight the burden, Víctor Hugo’s godly removal to the picador Manuel Jesús Ruiz ‘Espartaco’, as well as the horse that ‘Velludo’ fought in second place, shot after the horse had gone. Chest armor on reboot. Also, Urdiales’ sentimental and loving glass to Mariano de la Viña, Enrique Ponce’s trusted pawn, who was reborn in the infirmary of this square in Zaragoza just three years ago. And a ditch-shaped bullfight poster that Urdiales drew at that moment at the beginning (or because it wasn’t the end) of the carnage. If they rush me, three verónicas Urdiales plays to the rhythm of the soft step that ‘Velludo’ has already eliminated.

And already, because Morante protested everything he first wanted and more. And Talavante has been gone for a long time. Or it ceased to exist and was almost expected. He took the lazy bull out of Urdiales for chicuelinas, I think, on Wednesday in Madrid as a way to forgive. And with his first foe coming out distracted in the middle of the muletazo, he’s always been badly placed and did nothing to get past it. And if Extremaduran has had a hard time dealing with major bulls this season, how am I going to ask him today to reveal what his superior ‘juampedro’ is missing. Had he tried the bullfight one by one, rearranging the positions between the muletazo and the muletazo, he would have served half.

As he served Morante the second time. Always half way, always inventing a task that no one else can see. It’s close here now. But these are things geniuses have. Those who work miracles, invent quests, and even bullfight without a bull in front of them. Morante sought out the esports of bullfighting sources he always carried on his back to make everything right for the unsolved ‘Abortionist’. All at half height as well as with so much taste and grace. Like the jolly path towards the bull to provoke attack, or the original way to start each series. One started with a pinwheel, another with a lantern, and the other with an overhead helping that was overflowing with flavor, flavor, and packaging. Then forcing is always enough to keep the lazy ‘juampedro’ afloat. And so, one by one endless circular or natural sprouted, eventually a little less than gigantic. A bullfighter’s marvel! How lucky are we to coincide with this bullfighter! He made a half-decent move and hung his ear with the cachirulo wrapped around the Spanish flag, his hands full of cigars, and a knot around his neck, even that suited him. What joy.

And that’s how it went in the afternoon. And it finally broke. First of all, when ‘Zahonado’ chases the flight of Urdiales’ cloak in salute. At the same time, he repeated this attack with a certain gearbox, and Urdiales knew how to take advantage of it to draw six silky, warm, well-fitting speedboats. So hands are always low. Chest, waist and compass. No more, no less, no less, no more. Always sending the attack; He always gains ground in the same media, where he finished with a high cadence average and more restraint. And everything after Morante; material. Galleando por chiuelines placed the ancestral ‘Zahonado’ to signify only a second punishment. Previously, Juan Pedro’s bull was allowed to strike without further ado.

Photo: Zuñiga and Taurus

Urdiales embarked on the mission that was overlooked, always comforting this ‘Zahonado’, soon and with great determination, he finally came to the top and proved to be a brave bull. Also, Urdiales must have thought before long that with his third right hand he had managed to creak, or even suppress, the rhythm, the sound, and the stride of the beast. Always very confrontational; The breast was thus offered. Each relief came to sum up a bullfighting review. And time stood still until Urdiales finished each muletazo beyond the hip. Everything was fighting in Urdiales, from the lace of the slipper to the castan. Always very together, very rhythmical, very settled, very settled, very calm. a lot of bullfighters

Like many afternoons, Urdiales knew how to give the exact location and step into the exact terrain. And that’s where he took the attack of ‘Zahonado’, where he sank his kidneys, broke his back, and always got himself on crutches. All very thin and slow. The end was a great beauty, interspersed with contempt and cover. Gorgeous all. Before Urdiales could finish punishing his enemy with his natural fate, he hurried in and pierced. Urdiales heeded another great season closing in gold letters as an unbeatable climax.

After the work of Morante and Urdiales, Talavante could only curse the non-existent attack of the six-packer. Perhaps the worst of the bulls. And this is said.

Bullring in Zaragoza. Filled with ‘no tickets’.

Juan Pedro Domecq’s 6 bulls are very loose, outcast, lacking in strength for the breed and as a whole. The fifth one stood out for the background and rhythm.

Morante de la Puebla: silence and ear.

Diego Urdiales: Silence and ear after warning.

Alejandro Talavante: silence and silence.

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