Diego Ventura and Roca Rey opened the big door

Diego Ventura and Roca Rey opened the big door

In over two and a half hours of medley running, seven ears and two large gates are balance. First bullfight of the San Julián Fairwith Ventura and King Rock as big winners, each with three ears and an invincible view of their square stripes.

Two heroes of the afternoon swept –Rock and Ventura– With the same force that after the intervention of Rejoneador #1, the mules skillfully dragged the net to soften and repaint the ring.

Unreleased show, but flamboyantwhat makes you think about them mixed cumshots In order to avoid prolonging the celebration, it is desirable that the gentleman in the square moves in the third and sixth row. Let’s go to the celebration in the order of the artists.

Diego Ventura

He opened the square. rejoneador Diego Ventura Good one with “Aldeanito” Sanchez’s bull who fights on horseback, who makes him jealous on the horse’s ass, in this case “Guadalquivir”, Placing the penalty rejón is very clear on the first bars.

in flags He shook the public with “Nazarí””, This had the bull almost planted on his ass, taking a tour around the circle and flaunting the farpas. The brilliance in the banderillas continued with “Lío,” where he created another dodge-ball that straight ahead and dodge with three short ones on the violin and on the tap of the phone. Rejoin of Death He was caught on the third try and the prize was left in the middle. an ear and clap drag to “Aldeanito”.

The ring watered down during the sandwich, and “Dancer” jumped into the arena with less desire to dance, receiving two rejones as punishment for this. Luck Looking for the embroque he’s already gotten in the banderillas on “Velasquez”‘s back, however, he created another revolt with defiance, looking at the devious garapullos, pirouettes, and bull’s face, in this case with “Gitano”, a horse that vibrates in public with a gesture “Here it is.”

His palms were smoking when the “Bronze” came out and poked his head to place the risky banderillas, and he left the square to applause. He placed the brooch with “Guadiana” and the roses and the spear of death on his knees with the rudeness of the rider. Two ears and a victorious return, to this Diego’s ring by rejoneador Ventura, who rules the ranking according to his own merits.

Diego Initiative.  //Photo: Lola Pineda


Alejandro Talavante from Extremadura was eagerly awaited, the first one with “Amoscado” seemed to have very little shine, the party did not go with it. He speared the receipt with some pleasure, but a little more, because although the bull stepped on the beaver, he did not lend himself. Talavante started with high passes in works that cannot be continuous in loose transitions with lack of transmission. She tried to please with some ballet shoes and the thrown move came to an end. saluting and applauding.

With his fifth, “Misigato”, he managed to present a clearer mission with a series of natural shots and chest shots, especially on the left. Admired by Verónicas and revolera stockings, he presented his work to the public. He launched on his knees to tame the Victoriano del Río, which has more depth due to the left python. Very interesting passages were seen with slow and deep bullfights, though not a huge transmission, at a few acclaimed parties. After a hole without letting go, he took a painful blow to his knee and made a precise move. He received the reward of the ear and then went to the infirmary for the corresponding observation.

Alejandro Talavante.// Photograph:Lola Pineda


Saturday afternoon’s other big winner was Roca Rey, perhaps with the best Victoriano del Río party, but most of all, for his great temper and bullfight, he is literally bold. He showed himself with a cloak when he bought “Jazminero”, the largest of the prison, with heavy items and auctions. Burel blamed the crossing of boobies and banderilleros, but Roca Rey knew how to lead the muleteril mission he presented to the public, with heaps of anger and grace squeezing the little resistant “jasmine” in both hands. Being very brave in the face of Taurus forces circulars from the inside out. After the last rudeness, a right move and an ear at the request of the latter.

In the covered plaza, the “Jabaleño”, the most drinkable of the four Victorianos, Roca Rey excited the public despite the cape bullfighting less flamboyant. In the third of the banderillas, the subordinates were forced to salute. The bull took little punishment and came on crutches to ask for a joke, but king rock At the beginning of the mule he was adept at quoting from afar, and he was doing a lot of bullets and chest passes with the transmission to the “Amperito Roca” voice. A long, straightforward job with Arrimón is getting unlikely passes over the pythons with public submission. Courageous, artistic and meticulous, he contends with bullfighter vulgarity. The last stoconazo sowed long handkerchiefs and The President was slow to give both ears to keep them from wanting his tail.

Almost three hours were cut short with this dazzling finale, observing the winners from the front door and the enthusiastic public. Hey!

Andrés Roca Rey.// Photo.  Lola Pineda


Cuenca arena. Saturday, August 20, 2022. The first of the San Julián Fair. Mixed run. It was chaired by Emiliano García, advised by Miguel Tinajero and veterinarian Natividad Montoya.

Cattle: Two bulls for rejones from Herederos de Ángel Sánchez, who gave a good game, the first applauded in the drag, and four different games in ordinary bullfights from Victoriano del Río, the first two behind. The sixth was applauded lightly and the fifth lightly applauded. Horn weight: 476, 482, 540, 482, 505 and 529.

Rejoneador Diego Venturaone ear and two ears.

Alexander Talavant (Nazareth and gold), salute and ear.

Andres Roca Rey (mercury and gold), one ear and two ears on request.

Banderilleros bowed on the sixth Paco Algaba and Antonio Chacon.

Events: Three long entrance rooms with sunny afternoon fans and a very good atmosphere. he acted extraordinary from the street Alvaro (green and gold), who made the paseoíllo montera in his hand. Interestingly, he was the winner of the Cuenca fair in 1997 as a novillero and fought five bulls in the Bullfight in Las Ventas. Just of Emile.

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