Diego Ventura: "Bullfighting can still evolve"

Diego Ventura: “Bullfighting can still evolve”

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“In Murcia, I always want to give one hundred percent,” said the La Puebla del Río-based Portuguese who replaced bullfighting on horseback.

It is revolutionary. Bullfighting on horseback has changed. His last performances in Murcia, as almost everywhere else, count with victories. He takes 9 hours every day and his back is broken. In Murcia, he reached a historic milestone in 2017 when he pardoned the ‘Perdido’ bull of Los Espartales, the first bull to be forgiven in a bullfight in Spain. An idol for bullfighting lovers in the Region of Murcia.

– What does Murcia mean to you?

Murcia is historically very important in my career. Since I started and the Bernal family has given me the opportunity to compete in that arena, it’s been a great thing for me. Not only for the first bullfighting pardon that will go down in history in Spain, but also for what it’s meant to my career all these years with resounding performances in Murcia. Feeling this warmth from the public in Murcia, the devotion to the bullfighters means that every time I fight at that fair, I want to give one hundred percent and give myself to the end.

«It is clear that all the stars are gone, as it should be at such an important fair, but it is true that there is a new horse: ‘Nómada’»

– Your numbers are the figures of an era, the 17 great gates of Madrid, the 10 gates of the Prince of Seville, sorry… Do you consider yourself a bullfighting legend?

-No. Neither a legend nor number 1 can be mentioned. Whenever I fight, my intention is to be the best, to do the best possible bullfight on horseback, but until my career is over, the years pass and a balance is struck. hand, you can’t tell what someone is.

–Morante, Ventura: What gives geniuses in La Puebla del Río?

-La Puebla is very special. It’s true that the current benchmark is Morante de la Puebla, for me the greatest bullfighter of all time. I am not speaking as a friend. He has a unique personality as a bullfighter, his personality and the truth in his relationship with the bulls are different. But there are also many people who are not recognized as Jose Antonio or my level, who are great artists. I’m talking about painters, people who sing, people who play football. Children with gifts. I don’t know why, and sometimes we wonder, but is La Puebla something special, I don’t know, the way of life, the way you feel, the way you understand life? We base our lives on emotions, the search for the deep things that fill the soul, and I think it causes people to bring out all their art. I think sometimes we even get to the point of insanity, artists emerge who are a little weird and extraordinary.

Bullfighting has changed a lot since your father came to Peralta’s house when you were a kid. What’s left to do?

Bullfighting has changed a lot, both on foot and on horseback. It has improved a lot. We cannot forget the great personalities who have been on horseback or on foot for all these years. Today they would be safe bullfighting figures. I believe that bullfighting has evolved, that the horse has evolved, that manners have evolved. That makes everything nicer now, a horseback bullfight is more like a pedestrian bullfight. I think the foundations were laid by those ancient recallers. Then it was perfected over time. But I think rejoneo can still continue to evolve. I want to put my grain of sand and I want to leave that mark over the years. One of the things that I care a lot about is the diversity of the matings, as I continue to kill the bulls of all matings, as in the past, because people want to see you not only with a quality bull, but also with bulls. a tough bull as in a pedestrian bullfight

-Ventura engaged in an Adolfo bullfight, and in the last bullfight he single-handedly fought six bulls with one of the Victorinos. We know that the Murube bull is a boon for bullfighting on horseback, how does the Albaserrada mate for horses?

I’ve done many afternoons this year. It’s one of the few times in Mérida that Victorino has dealt with rejones, and it was quite the show. Adolfo’s bullfight in Castellón was also spectacular. Santa Coloma has had a season where I wanted to fight bullfights and various encroachments from Domecq and I think the public appreciated that very much.

– Which block brings Murcia? Which horse should we look at?

-It’s clear that all the stars are gone, as they should be at such an important fair, but it’s true that there is a new horse for this season, the star horse named ‘Nómada’, son of ‘Nazarí’. I am the stable that was in a tremendous moment and gave me some super important victories. I think you will love it and it will make a big impact in Murcia. ‘Nazarí’ is already 20 years old, but he’s great, with a fighting style and maturity, I think he’s just in time.

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