El Gran Poder presents the bullfighting festival in Maestranza on October 12

El Gran Poder presents the bullfighting festival in Maestranza on October 12

Bullfights and fraternities shake hands again for a good cause. will be next October 12 °at a bullfighting festival organized by Brotherhood of the Great Power for the benefit of the charity bag. Specially announced by ABC de Sevilla, the celebration was officially presented this Monday. Real Maestranza Poster Hall by representatives Pages company and the Board of Directors of the fraternity company, which left the ‘garbage’ of the celebration organization to the teacher. Emilio Munoz.

elder brother of the Great Power brotherhood, Ignatius SorosHe explained that the benefits of the celebration would go entirely to him. charity Bag, It was established in 1953 and is currently an important Social work in Los Pajaritos district. “We are lucky that cthen the Brotherhood knocks on one door, six doors open.. There is so much solidarity and generosity in this city. We hope that everything will be successful and that the brothers and devotees will come out,” he said.

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Moreover, Ignatius Soros He was aware that because of the “greatness” of this festival, “we must put ourselves in the hands of someone who is particularly knowledgeable about it. For this reason We have a lot to thank Emilio Muñoz forthe person who manages to finish a billboard and spares no effort to travel all over Spain and spend a lot of time on it».

As this newspaper is published, the poster will consist of the following. Diego Urdiales, Jose Maria Manzanares, Daniel Luque, Juan Ortega, Pablo Aguadobullfighter Diego Bastos and becerrista Mark Perez. The cattle will belong to the herds of cattle in the same order of battle. Spartacus, Daniel Ruiz, Victoriano del Rio, Garcigrande, talavant, Nuñez de Tarifa and Jandilla. The celebration will take place on Wednesday, October 12. at 17:30 At the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza in Seville.

Pureza street teacher, Lord of Seville, the poster was supposed to be “purely Sevillian”. “Cartel Established” Diego Urdialesadopted by land and supported by Curro Romero, José Maria Manzanares, practically born in this square; and then Daniel Luque, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado represents the maximum sevillanía of the current bullfight».

When asked if it’s tempting to wear shorts again in time for this festival, Emilio Munoz “He admitted that the first idea was to do something with friends. I spoke with Juan Antonio. (Spartacus), paco (eyelash) and masters before us love weather; but every time he talks to them, one limps, the other hurts his arm, the other’s head…” he joked.

Representatives of Pages company, Ramon Valencia (father and son); Big Brother of Power, Ignatius Soros; celebration coordinator, Emilio Munoz; bullfighters John Ortega Y Paul Aguado and the bullfighter Diego Bastos;the painter of the festival poster, José Maria Pedernal; and the Delegate of the Government of the Andalusian Junta in Seville, Ricardo Sanchez.

The image showing the poster is the work of artist José María Pedernal.


this advance ticket sales will be enabled from September 26 on the website Pages company; and ticket office It will be available from October 6-10. 10:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 20:00. On the day of the celebration, the box office will remain open from 10 am to the time it starts. Seats for ticket holders will be reserved. Zero rows between 6th and 7th October our with the code 00241.

Motifs of Morante de la Puebla

Morante de la Puebla contacted this newspaper. reasons for absence. First, the bullfighter from La Puebla del Río has verified all the information posted here and the real reason is broadcast extension, originally set at eight bullfighters. “I think if the purpose of the organization is to raise money, the most logical thing is this. reduce production costs I found it very time consuming as well as celebrating. I asked Emilio Muñoz not to have eight bulls. and he told me that if he doesn’t want to have eight bulls, I’ll be the one to stay out,” he explains. verbal commitment with the rest of the matadorsHe Emilio Muñoz was not willing to cancel.

ABC also reported in Seville Diego Ventura confirms return to Maestranza, three years after its last appearance. An agreement that was initially not received very favorably by the Pagés company resulted in numerous Disputes with the Spanish-Portuguese driversolved by Mediation of Emilio Muñoz and Morante de la Puebla. The teacher from La Puebla del Río also confirms this: «I personally called Ramón Valencia. and Diego’s manager, Andrew Knight, to make them understand each other again. I showed them that it is important that they approach the positions and that Diego definitely returns to the April Fair».

Morante de la Puebla is his “ache” to not be on the poster. «My intention was always to fight it. In fact, the date of October 12 was promised on my agenda for the whole season. I even turned down an offer to fight in Las Ventas that day.. But in the end my wishes were ignored And I’m so sorry I won’t be at the festival. Finally, I would like to say that I never spoke to Diego Ventura again. and I have nothing to do with his absence.

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