“El Mene”, “I welcome the season with responsibility and enthusiasm”

  • «El Mene», thus signed the young Novillero sin Picadores, born on October 6, 2004 in Zaragoza

He is currently a student at the Salamanca Bullfighting School and precisely there, in San Cristóbal De la Cuesta, in the charro country where he lives. In my case, I had heard of “El Mene” long before, but it wasn’t until August 15, last year’s perfect bullfighting date, that novillero’s
He appeared before the public in the town of Rasines, Cantabria, and made his lights debut a day later in Linares de Riofrío. Masters like Manolete, José Tomás or Morante De la Puebla are some of his most outstanding references, novillero himself assures me. “all
references”, but he makes special mention of maestro Domingo López-Chaves, admiring his personal as well as professional career.

“El Mene” shares a moment with us, welcome. To start:

  • Who is “El Mene”?

El Mene is a 17-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a figure in bullfighting.

  • Where did your previous hobby come from?

My family comes from there, because my grandfather was a horseless bullfighter and my father was a mounted bullfighter and also a banderillero.

  • Do you remember the first time you stood in front of an animal?

Yes, I was 13 when I first wore it, it was a very special day for me, I will never forget it.

  • You are currently a student at the Salamanca Bullfighting School, how is the preparation going?

I think our preparations in school are very good, they do a great job because we do different physical exercises, we do bullfights, we get lucky, we do a lot of fieldwork that is necessary for commitments and of course the importance of preparation that one has to do with oneself.

  • Last year, you made your public debut on August 15, the day after you put on your light suit for the first time. How did you meet the days before these two important days of your career?

That’s right, I went on stage with the public for the first time on August 15, and the next day I put my lights on stage for the first time, met with enthusiasm and enthusiasm for it.

  • Linares de Riofrío, 16 August 2021, two ears. What can you tell me about this outlet?

Dreamy start, I felt very comfortable and very supported by the people of Linares de Riofrío.

In addition to Taurus, what other activities do you combine your day with?

I’m currently studying, also a big hunting fan.

  • The season has already progressed, you have entered many competitions and faced your first commitments, how is this season going?

The truth is, it will be exciting and special, I look forward to it.

  • In short, Valencia, what does it mean to see yourself cartelized in a square of that category?

Important date, I will give my all.

  • Generally speaking, how is your scene as a horseless novillero?

I was horseless for a short time, but the scene is still beautiful.

  • How is the day going for “El Mene”?

On the days I have school, I go to school, on the days I am not, I take advantage of the day to do both physical and bullfighting.

  • How do your parents take you to commit to it?

My mom is going through some pretty bad times, although she goes to the squares to see me, my dad knows what’s going on and is a little nervous because he wants everything to be okay, he handles it better than my mom.

  • What would you say if I told you about Andrés Sánchez?

A great teacher and a great person. I had the pleasure of living with him for a year and a half and he treated me like one of his class. I learned a lot with him, he gave me good advice. Andrés Sánchez is a person to whom I will always be grateful.

bullfighter: Jose Thomas
One square: Sales, Madrid
a poster: Jose Tomas – Talavante – King Rock
mating/livestock: Right now I can say that Victoriano Del Río

  • Are you a fan of the popular celebration?

I’m not a big fan but it’s an essential part of the party.

  • Do you have hobbies or superstitions?

When I enter the square, always with the right foot first.

  • How do you live the minutes before the celebration, from drawing lots to stepping into the ring?

I try to live calmly, despite the nerves and fear.

  • Tell me, one dream came true and another will be fulfilled

A dream come true On the afternoon of September 5, 2021, at the arena “La Glorieta”, in a practical lesson, I cut off both ears and tail of a large rudder from Master Domingo López-Chaves’ Livestock. Open the great door of Las Ventas de matador de toros to make it happen.

  • And speaking of dreams, what drives him away from you?

I’m sleepy about the future, what’s going to happen in a few years.

  • How do you see the future of the party?

Although there are those who say there is no future, I say the opposite, there is a lot of future in bullfighting because we have a lot of people who want to be bullfighters.

  • What would you say to someone like you fighting for a dream?

You can achieve the things you fight for and dream of with hard work, effort and sacrifice.

Thank you, Mene, for sharing this time with us, for allowing us to get to know you a little better. Good luck!!

Text/Photos: Silvia Olmedo

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