El Pilar is fair once again

El Pilar is fair once again

El Pilar is the fair once again. Fair returns to El Pilar. Virgin and Friar of Salamancan. Moses. The rancher who gave his name to the Protector Saint for his family devotion to his iron. The rancher who restored Zaragoza yesterday…

Thank you Don Moisés Fraile and his grandchildren for giving us a real bullfight. Good presentation. In his type. Brava on the horse. Your victory on crutches. Overall outstanding…

Thanks Moises for reconciling us with the whole party.. For bringing us closer to that bull Sospetillo that continues to attack our thoughts. In Antonio Prieto’s jaco and another Antonio in such a high condition is on Ferrera’s crutches.

The animal had class, tour, humiliation. A compression machine that does not require another machine in front of it. There was no need to invent travel. This constant repetition was enough to dominate and show. And Ferrera has only done so on rare occasions.

He skipped the moments of relaxation in the strained, bent pose with the others, which spoiled the bull’s frankness. The man from Extremadura never squeezed that Sospetillo category. And in the last series, he was more in demand, he took advantage to take him to the suburbs.

The bull put it all. Ferry, no. Taurus more than deserves the return to the given ring. A Ferrera would be worth an ear. Moreover, considering that the move that entered my name from afar was actually a goletazo camouflaged by the spectacle.

First, before an uncertain beginning bull whose end is getting better, Ferrera, too, had fought with relief. along the python. With a false softness that comes from flights and falls on the feet. Too many slippers before El Fandi took over…

In front of the latter who opened the banderilla show he shared with Manuel Escribano, we saw one of the worst versions of Granadan recalled. in this square. He has never seen a bull for any python anywhere. And we, because of him, and we too.

Then he gave the team—season closing—one more bass cursing job. Or high… too bad for that good bull who left El Pilar without a fight. Another one afternoon when Escribano smashed a large door.

The first was the plane, especially from the right, but it had to take it very smoothly. I didn’t want retards. He wanted everything slowly, from below, and we had lost half a bull when the man from Seville settled next to him. He held the other half with three turns of the right hand and a natural closure without essence, thinking what not.

He was more dedicated in the sixth, another sensational bull from El Pilar, which he took as porta gayola and endorsed several house-brand banderillas on break and boards. shoulders.

Now yes, Escribano lowered his entry hand but messed up the floor and the layout. Animal was generous in third grade, but towards the tools it cost him. Even so, we’ve seen the best, tightest, and busiest bullpup of the afternoon before Gerena buries a spectacular move that gives her ear. That’s enough, apparently. Compared to Ferrera, scarce…


Bullring in Zaragoza. The sixth subscription celebration of the Pilar Fair. More than three quarters square in lines. Before Paseillo was broken, the anthem of Spain was heard again.

Anthony Ferrera: detached front lunge (applause); goletazo (two ears). He came out the front door on his shoulders.

fandi: three holes and independent front moves (silence); detached rear half move (return to ring after warning and ear request).

Manual Notary: puncture and back lunge extended (applause after two warnings); moves (ear with the second request.

José Antonio Ezquerra presided over: Organised. He gave two extreme ears to Antonio Ferrera and then endured the latter’s demand for Escribano.

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