Emilio de Justo: ambition between storm and flood |  fregenal

Emilio de Justo: ambition between storm and flood | fregenal

Last Sunday, October 9th, there was a great atmosphere with an entrance to the grandstands to enjoy Hispanidad’s Extraordinary bullfight.

After the bullfight was dissolved, the Bullfighting Association “Amigos del Toro” was organized in cooperation with the firm of matador Socar de Toros – very well presented, by the way, serious, with rennet and even in three different irons. Juanito, Hon. Fregenal City Council and Bar “Nito” and Cafeteria “Coliseo” business houses, autographs and photos were taken with the little ones who had the opportunity to be close at the event called “Family Bullfight” where Joao Silva “Juanito” chatted. to one of your idols. Thanks to the businessman Joaquín Domínguez, the businessman who organized the bullfight, 5 tickets were drawn for Young People aged 6-14, so that the little ones got closer and enjoyed a series of figures.

In the prolegomena of the celebration, as at the San Mateo fair and the reclaiming of forgotten traditions, the Fregenal de la Sierra Musician-Cultural Society paraded with the blond albero frexnense interpreting the first pasodoble of the afternoon. From the door of City Hall, which made a beautiful parade to complement a special afternoon, the immense downpour that it finally poured was overshadowed by the massive downpour, necessitating the suspension of the celebration at the 5 p.m. brawl.

With extreme precision, at a quarter past five in the afternoon, the gang door opened to the chords of “Plaza de la Maestranza” and the blonde albero frexnense immediately stepped into the luxurious trio: Morante de la Puebla, Emilio de Justo and Juanito.

When it came to the second line, the chords of the National Anthem were played, followed by a moment of silence, the audience stood up and finally got a big applause.

After the chords of the National Anthem are over, we once again enjoy the pasoble “Plaza de la Maestranza”. After the parade, the Fregenal de la Sierra Bullfighting Cultural Association “Amigos del Toro” presented a plaque to the maestro Morante, who accepted his 25 years as a bullfighter and his gesture of going to small bullfights to please us. your personal taste.

The bulls listed for such an outstanding event fought in the following order: 1st and 4th, 2nd and 5th from San Pelayo (“Zamorano” nº 84, back in the “Luis Algarra” ring, and 3rd » from “Ave María”.

Excellent presentation, serious, rennet and overall good play, highlighting the brave 5 that allowed for a great show, was lackluster because it drizzled from time to time until the massive downpour poured out which made the arena impractical and forced the suspension of the race. The event at the end of the fight at 5 pm.

Morante de la Puebla, (Nazareth and jet).

The cigar-lighted bullfighter was unable to show off, as his first opponent did not give him a choice.

The muleterile movement began with baroque transitions, continuing its work in large, artistically fertile batches with both hands, at which time the first thunder of the storm began to sound and the first downpour in the afternoon fell. He squeezed “San Pelayo” with his characteristic cut. The puncture and big thrust gave the first ear of the afternoon with an audience sheltered from the rain.

On the fourth day of the afternoon when the storm and rain started again, he took the cloak with one hand, regaining his untapped chance to grapple with a handful of speedboat sets of actual bullfighting posters.

He took a nice take off and billed a few laps on his crutches, before a later bull, until he did an ugly somersault and jerked a bit. Furious, he went out again to finish off, but the bull hit the brakes. Upright and jump, and they forced him to bow from the third as the water was already falling hard.

Emilio de Justo (Bottle green and gold) opened his victorious performance the second of the afternoon by taking Veronica from the herd of “Luis Algarra” fighting like angels. Palmas to the gang doing well in both combat and banderillas.

He presided over the temple with crutches. Taking the big bull, he makes a good start with the genuflexa leg, he draws good passes. Tempered parties followed by two hands, full of art and goblin. The epilogue of friction came with muletazos with low paint. A slightly droopy move and two ears demanded by the audience, who eagerly awaited him.

In fifth place came the best bull of the afternoon. “Zamorano, nº 84 de pelo negro” from the iron of “Luis Algarra” who won the return to the ring award. He greeted her in slow motion, waving Veronica’s cloak, put the venerables at their feet and soaked them in water, but no one here wanted to miss the event.

In the midst of a hurricane, he led the bull to the delight of the brave onlookers, the chopping horse that roamed among the chiuelines. Under a tremendous flood, Emilio was closing a task for the history of our square. Authoritarian, temperamental serials, painters who occasionally fight in super slow motion and enjoy each other. We had the privilege of seeing Emilio de Justo in grace. Thank you for the afternoon you gave us teachers. A small drop and two ears and a kill again after one move at the request of the tail majority.

Juanito (Lilac and gold) arrived in Fregenal de la Sierra after a strong victory at the last Zafra fair, where he donated the “Luminito” bull from the “Álvaro Núñez” herd and was declared the winner of the season days later.

He couldn’t show off the cloak while he was getting his only bull in the afternoon with the “Ave María” anchor.

They took off for very tight chicuelinas after the punch, and forced to greet Joao Diego Ferrera and Pedro Cebadera after a third of the banderillas.

Juanito made a toast to his “Morante” teacher. Get a good start below with muletases to teach the animal to attack. The authoritative, temperamental and bullfighting series comes with great force to the queues waiting for “Juanito”, with the great hope that it will bear fruit as a bullfighting figure as both pythons follow each other. To finish off what would eventually be his only performance, a perfect lap from the right, a very tight pass from the rear, he millimeter past the bull and welded the square. Unfortunately, he was not good with steel. He heard a warning and had to bow from the third.

And here’s the celebration. After heavy downpours and rain, which began after the fourth hour in the afternoon, continued for more than an hour without stopping, the ground became impossible and the bullfights were stopped.

It’s a pity because the event was a big door. We’ve seen a great bull run, excellent cattle and every detail possible to grow our templar arena.

On the positive side, more than 45 liters per square meter of Fregenal and how much is needed.

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