Fabio won victories and Urdiales fought naturally in burying emotions

Fabio won victories and Urdiales fought naturally in burying emotions

Fabio Jiménez puts the Plaza de Alfaro on his shoulders.  /MIGUEL HERRERS

Fabio Jiménez puts the Plaza de Alfaro on his shoulders. / MIGUEL HERRERS

The bullfighter from Alfare cuts three ears, while the matador from Arnedo and Cayetano cuts one ear off at a boring bullfight in Guadalmena

Jesus Rubio

They don’t play in the same league but they are both bullfighters and there are times in life where unique moments are created. Urdiales gave the local novillero his first job, from bullfighter to novillero; from number to word. Fabius and Diego. Riojan extract that same afternoon. It was impossible for Diego to forge a mission with this bull, who looked from the first third into the abyss of hell, lacking strength and power in this bullfight. Coming from Guadalmena, it was a lowly animal, comfortable in the front like the group and attacking the meat, taking refuge in the woods, a hog galloping charged with the antithesis of the courage, caste and greatness of the brave bull. The fourth, uglier, impossible, void, and without a bit of power, there was nowhere to take it. It was difficult for the President to return it, but at the time of the injury, the handkerchief appeared. It was replaced by another copy of the same iron. And this time the Veronica bullfight that Diego used to get us used to flowed, those sets in the swinging cloak that fixed the chin to the chest. After making it public, the bullfighting bull attacked like a leathery little animal that took flight with almost no depth, but Diego put it all in, covered a thousand flaws and covered a thousand flaws to make it permanent. went further, because it went and passed. The packaging that Urdiales always touched, tossed and picked up gave voltage to the task he held onto with a great batch of natural products, funny, but the steels went through it and cut off an ear.

They broke their first meal of the afternoon with Cayetano, at a reception for Veronica’s knee, she liked it, it was long and finished with a beautiful chicuelina. Later it was discovered that the bull was of poor quality, always lacking in emotion, with silly and erratic accusations. The best of the task came in the last bars, taking advantage of the inertia while Cayetano pulled it off. The Taurus had the greed to be powerless many times, and this resulted in him being unqualified. The people rewarded him with an ear. There was a fifth that was impossible, that hadn’t happened even once.

To get her first helm, Veronica Fabio plotted her flights very well. He played at home and the public was in anticipation, but the helm soon faded. He did so greedily as he chased numbers, but with an annoying nod that turned everything upside down. It was more of a mission Fabio’s enthusiasm showed in the background than in trying to make him his own and try to get the bullfighting out. He closed in ballet flats and won a trophy. The second, sixth, it had mobility, repeated but did it without class. Fabio looked calmer and more relaxed in this final shot of a boring afternoon. He managed to get a job with sparks and beautifully crafted muletases. He got help from high with some bullfighters and cut off two ears. The afternoon ended in victory, the young man remained on his shoulders, but tomorrow he will be forgotten.

  • Operated by San Roque and San Ezequiel.
    Four bulls and two bullfighters (3rd and 6th) from Guadalmena fought unequally in the presentation. 1., soft and powerless; 2., noble; 3., less annoying and less; 4. bis, manageable; 5., stalled and impossible; and 6, repetitive but classless. Three quarters of a square.

  • Diego Urdiales
    granite and gold. Push (silence), cucumber, half lunge, buttonhole (ear).

  • cajetan,
    turquoise and jet blue. Push, push (ear), two holes, counter lunge (silence)

  • Fabio Jimenez
    Rioja and gold. Low back lunge, two stakes (ears), lunge (two ears).

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