"Fear? There are days when you have to be ready to lose everything"

“Fear? There are days when you have to be ready to lose everything”

He settled in Gerena, Seville. from his hometown Peru when he decides to bet on his life’s profession: the ring. I have not been easy. Like nobody. But not only was a hole drilled, highest-grossing bullfighter of the moment and wreaking havoc wherever he goes. Tomorrow he will fight in Madrid at the season-ending celebration at the Monumental de Las Ventas. A new fact that a figure stepped into the capital on October the Twelfth is the success of the company and a gesture of the bullfighter. As we speak, she’s going physique, gorings, leaving results on her many fuckin’ slim bodies that she’s accumulated in a short amount of time. «I’ve been dragging hernias since the 2019 season, but the operation may or may not go well and so I get along well with a lot of physiotherapy, I prefer that, I don’t want to risk an intervention now and it may not go well. He has an obsessive recurring idea in his mind: Madrid, Madrid and Madrid, and that timer is already set to almost zero. Tomorrow afternoon, at five o’clock in Lorca, fashion bullfighter Andrés Roca Rey, who finished his long box office role in the Las Ventas case and triggered the resale, will make the parade with Alejandro. Talavante and Francisco de Manuel with Victoriano del Río’s star bullfight. The expectation is maximum and he needs to finish the job he started in May. Leave a year behind with milestones like Bilbao or Malaga in the afternoon.

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