Fregenal closes bullfighting season with high-level celebration |  fregenal

Fregenal closes bullfighting season with high-level celebration | fregenal

Paseillo in the Templar arena / JUAN IGNACIO MARQUEZ ARCHIVES

Morante de la Puebla, Emilio de Justo and Juanito put the finishing touches on this celebration for the Fiesta de la Hispanidad

Fregenal de la Sierra’s captivating and colorful arena will close the 2022 season with a bell poster of world-class fairs next Sunday, October 9th.

If the special frexnense season started on 28 August with a hands-on class organized by the Diputación de Badajoz Bullfighting School and demonstrated its purpose, and continued on 24 September with a bullfighting banner on horseback, within the program of the San Mateo fair and festivities. Rui Fernandes is one of the first names to touch the stands with Diego Ventura and Leonardo.

The epilogue of the season, in the season commemorating its 25-year alternative, will reach 100 bullfighting figures, who will come from the hands of a pedestrian bullfight, with a poster composed by the teacher “Morante de la Puebla”. , to go to all the places where they claim their presence, to recover old luck and preserve and revive the flame of the hobby.

“Morante” is a genius with a special gift from God.

Extremaduran «Emilio de Justo» will make his debut in our Templar ring, which reappeared in Extremadura last Palm Sunday, after his great misfortune while in prison in Las Ventas de Madrid.

Emilio is a hard-fought bullfighter. Staying true to the trap, the spirit of overcoming and never letting his guard down, that he played for Hervás on August 15, 2015 at Hervás, he failed to take advantage of the opportunities until he fought bulls with different encroachments, slashed them all and stood out in the fight. Victorino Martín’s first bull served to attract attention.

The following seasons were not full of contracts, but passed away from it, little by little, and especially on French soil – something that is not in our country.

Emilio de Justo gained attention by achieving extraordinary victories until he was considered one of the masters who performed the purest bullfights and unleashed his passions for bullfighting, where he showcased the art he valued. He is considered one of the teachers of revelation and, thanks to God and his struggle, has become part of the best posters celebrated in the bullfighting world.

The list was closed by a young Portuguese-born bullfighter, although like “Juanito” was made in Extremadura. Undoubtedly the greatest reference to the pedestrian bullfighting in the neighboring country, which seeks and accumulates the many illusions of which bullfighting can be a figure.

He confirmed the alternative at the San Isidro show last May, and his performances paid off with victories.

Arenas such as Higuera la Real, Cabeza la Vaca, Herrera del Duque or Don Benito in Extremadura or Portugal Mourao, Las Azores, Nave de news, Campo Pequeño or Vila Franca de Xira declared winner of the season can enjoy the race and delivery.

On top of that, on the occasion of the San Miguel fair in Zafra last October 1, the red-haired bull #7 “Luminito” from the Álvaro Núñez farm was caught and pardoned.

The bulls will anchor three first level cattle houses:

Pedro Moya are the murubes of “San Pelayo”, which belongs to the “Niño de la Capea” family, and Robert Marge, the dome of “Ave María”, owned by both the veteran iron of “Luis Algarra” and the businessman, rancher and French agent.

Thanks to Hon’s steadfast dedication, all the ingredients are put into the blonde albero frexnense. The Fregenal de la Sierra Municipal Council and the Extremadura company «Socar de Toros, SL» are led by bullfighter Joaquín Domínguez.

Affordable prices for all pockets. Tickets can be purchased online at the bar “La Incubadora” in Bodonal de la Sierra, at the bar “Los Galgos” and “Sevilla” Bookstore in Fregenal de la Sierra, and of course on the company’s website.

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