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From blind love and deaf bullfights

They say love is blind. And it must be right to see what you see when you look around every day. It also exists in bullfighting, because There have been bullfighters who went down in history before anyone could very well explain how they did it.. Or at least, how did they manage to be seen so much even though they live in the video age? But today in Madrid this humble journalist realized that If blindness is the hallmark of love, then deafness must be the hallmark of bullfighting.. At least in Madrid.

In that big yawn she’s in Everyone knows more than you, and they tell you that everything you’ve learned in twenty years is a lie, and that what you did to the first one was cheating to get it into rhythm and strengthen your class. deaf so you don’t get affected. Because in bullfighting, the difference between accomplishing the sublime work the world will remember tomorrow and anything that ends in a bad trance you wish you hadn’t experienced is—many times—a word of encouragement. This is for those who can hear – and it’s very good – UrdialesHe today he made the mistake of paying attention to those who advised him to be good and in the end he fought badly.

Diego – he will have nothing else, but naivety gives him – he did not understand, as it makes sense. He had just unlocked excellent muletazes, even better than the Fuente Ymbros of autumnal splendor.. Among other things, because this Niñito attacked with much more class, reduced in relief and covered at the end. But since Diego didn’t realize they were yelling at him on the line… nothing was going on there. But that’s because bullfights in places like Madrid have to be deafening.

say John OrtegaSince he is deaf he will do whatever he sees fit to come to his canvas, yell at him at 7, 12:30 or Sun Sun Korda. You may like Juan more or less. It may seem more or less similar to the eternal laws of bullfighting. He may even look like a fragile bullfighter fighting the bull that came out just for him. And who are you, my dear reader, you think so. But Announced second and fifth in Madrid today, this type of bottle green has a magnetism, a personality, and a way of walking in a bullfighting arena that distracts him from any activity other than bullfighting.. And this is an attribute of the chosen ones.

To realize that this fifth—much less bull than the others—will plunge his face and soul into percale flights, with a greed that dispels the suspicion of anyone who would then put the red rag before him. . He did not make him a good coach as we will remember him forever; Juan also did not begin with the perfection that was ingrained in our memory. But is this Ortega has the ability to convey the bullfight he imagines to the observer, even if he does not do it as he wishes.. Let’s see who can say that in the current ranking…

Because what happened in act five was that Juan knew how to wait for his arrival—not to provoke the beginning—and manage that tempo with the crutch so smoothly that you couldn’t see a curling motion when the crutch was held for too long. And finally, when the attack and stroke looked like he was going to die, a faint wrist slap took another half-step where the square broke. Sublime. Dominant at times. The magic that encompasses this magnitude of bullfighting makes it different in the bullfighting arena than it does on television. Later, when the magic between the gin and tonic and the president’s explosion for not giving the orejón wears off, the guards go and whistle him around the ring. Luckily, Juan wandered around in his lap next to his ear, the green symbol of someone who is deaf and blind in love…

Paul Aguado he is also deaf, but much more selective when it comes to listening to one and the other. Like a few others in the lineup, he knows he’s moving the pink rag and throws it forward as best he can. But is this what he did with the third was to turn the curses of the bull’s ragdoll into olés febrigueros and hand them over to the boxed, collected and slow verónicas set aside for the greater glory of an afternoon with much more discussion. will remember in the past. Maybe he sinned to get drunk with the pink attacks, because maybe when the other was eliminated by the veronicas and between fist and fist, he could leave it to protect the bull. The perfect bull. But when they played to death and Potrico came to his date with a surrendered, greedy and bold date, Aguado gave him cleanliness, order, aesthetics and care. So everything was dying between what Potrico wanted and what he got from Sevillian. And it all started to get boring. Sixth, at worst bull and at worst, it actually was.

But by that time the fish had already been sold. Again There was no television today and far fewer people watching a very classy bullfight at El Pilar. to see the handkerchiefs and the deaf so as not to hear the cries. Then they always find a few tricks in the Rules. But what does the norm have to do with the muletases that Juan Ortega shot today…?


Bullfighting sales. The fourth of the Autumn Fair. Bullfighting. More than three-quarters of the entrance (20,096 spectators, according to the company) on a sunny afternoon.

bulls Column. Classified and with rhythm, but without the first bellows. Also second with class but without power. Third, the engine is important with rhythm and delivery. Very lifeless and humiliating outside the room. A derogatory fifth, but lacked a power point. The sixth rhythm of the complex pulse.

Diego Urdiales (emerald and gold): Silence and silence.

John Ortega (bottle and gold): Warning and silence after the turn.

Pablo Aguado (cobalt and gold): Applause and silence after the warning.

At the end of the march, a minute’s silence was held in memory of the bullfighter. Luis Alfonso Garces’s photo.passed away today.


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