From La Rioja: Arnedo bullfighting fair

From La Rioja: Arnedo bullfighting fair

-Bullfighter from Madrid Víctor Hernández and bravo rancher Adolfo Martín winners of the 2022 bullfighting cycle.

Out of the 60 possible ears, -9 ears were obtained, 14 missions were silenced, and 18 trumpets alerted the tired ones.

-There were 4 spins around the ring, lots of acclaimed picadors and banderillas, a few somersaults, four toasts to Diego Urdiales and concerts and musical choirs saying goodbye to all the helms in the slaughterhouse.

– Softly demands small, public, indifferent and generous trophies for the presidency.

“Missions” suffer from monotony, heaviness, lack of distinctiveness… and scenes with steel contain rejection and grief: more than 90 “aggressions”.

The bullfighting fair in Arnedo became more or less immediately an informative reason in all the media that “touched” the bullfight. Businessman Ignacio Ríos brought five runs with a high average presentation and in some cases “bulls” to announce bullfights in many squares. Adolfo Martín was the winner as the Manchonero steering wheel returned to the ring. Every afternoon some palm specimens were taken out and one returned from Los Ronceles. The reserve also threatened injury, but meanwhile he slowly recovered from his cramps with the good mule treatment that La Rioja’s Fabio Jiménez gave him.

As a whole, competition, diversity… and few flashy, fast or exciting helm deaths are missed. To “advance” in bullfighting, fighting well and killing badly is worse than fighting regularly and killing well. A historical quote signed by bullfighters. There have always been exceptions.

Of the 15 participants, Víctor Hernández was declared the winner and received an ear on each steering wheel. It was also rewarded for giving the best naturals of the cycle. Some of the ears given at the fair were not deserved and the aforementioned Fabio got three. The only one to receive two awards with one helm, the first. The second time he deserved them even more… in my humble opinion. The boy was very important, considering Corzo, the sixth helm, and an armed and greedy bull.

Marcos Linares was awarded for running the best bullfight to the third of the Talavante iron, which left much to be desired in terms of bullfighting. Yon Lamothe’s varilarguero Ignacio Rodríguez, who bit Jaramero the first, was applauded in the draw, with the sixth Manchonero winning the award for best punch and José Rojo the award for best move.

Navarran Manolo de los Reyes was awarded for the best couple placing the second “adolfo”, as the fifth injured him with danger and luck. Terrible fuck.

When I applaud what I just said, here comes the picadors Héctor Piña and Rodríguez Morato, with “their” banderilleros Rubén Blázquez, Juan Carlos Rey and Antonio Ventana, the most complete and acclaimed team of the fair and many fairs. They fought Sergio Rodriguez and they all got handed and well-deserved applause. Something to draw attention to. He also stood out that day with the “cold” Marcos Prieto.

There were two couples who welcomed Montera hand in hand: Rubén Sánchez, Antonio Ventana and Mathieu Guillón and Manolo de los Reyes. Jacobo Álvarez mountains also heard the applause on the fourth day of Adolfo Martín’s first day and Rafael Aguado’s on the fifth day. The truth is, we enjoy excellent passages in quoting bars from afar and with good execution. I don’t remember abuses blocking the exit, provoking, throwing and throwing sticks, hey.

They deserve to be mentioned in duos and fights by Gómez Escorial, Marcos Prieto, Curro Vivas, Manuel More… I can’t even pass without nailing, a single pinwheel gives the back and escapes, kidney spikes, sticks ground… diversity. They do not need to imitate Honrubia, Montoliú or El Vito. But it is a pity that most entries have one or even two errors. Disaster scenes. “Experts” should simply obey. Quarter throw, go through the head, half turn, armpit, reboot, butcher, biased… but drop both.

José Rojo was awarded the best move and I remember the good ones from Villita, Parejo, Lamothe….

The results of the “missions”, which we often call drudgery and sometimes become boring bitches, were not of a quality to excite the public.

9 out of 60 possible ears were cut off by a loving public and an “insightful” presidency. Four missions were rewarded with a return to the ring, 14 muted and 4 applauded, and even one that demanded an ear. We didn’t get a chance to reflect on what Faenón usually understood.

The most unfortunate were the silences. The result is very dangerous because it implies uniformity, fatigue, monotony… Punishing details, along with the absence of a stigma, can be seen in bullfights and bullfighters.15 “we heard” the silence of duty!

There were also somersaults and some injuries. García Pulido was treated with a hoof, Alejandro Peñaranda squashed, Parejo, José Rojo and Carla Otero turned upside down… and four in the five afternoons offered a helm to Diego Urdiales, who was attending the festivities on a stand: Peñaranda, Burdiel, Hernández and Jorge Martinez .

I understand that the box office has to double every day. Seeing so many places makes me angry.

Festival clubs (Chispa, Tao and Lubumbas) give it a special color and give many tickets for festivals. Its instrumentalists compete in diversity and noise, presenting countless pieces of charranguera and green, red, blue ones… concerts, choirs, dances, exhibitions… to all the helmsmen going to the slaughterhouse. Sometimes the pentagram gets longer and those in front get angry. But what would the challenge be without them… tunes and soundtracks.

The teachers, led with art and skill by Master Aurelio, are generous in reviewing the most popular bullfighting pasodobles and radiate the Zapatista feel as they pounce on Igeli composer Sáez Benito’s “Golden Shoe” accompanying the crowd, and the lubumbista choir, hey! Signing to the script team on time and on time.

The admirable work of the CTA, which distributes the cards with the description and “documents” of each bull and the order of action of the gangs with great luxury and detail: Picadores, banderilleros, “hand of the hot springs”, the swordsman’s help, the deputy, the photos of the novilleros… To provide convenience to those who want to taste and specify. There are also shoe companies that support them with admirable promotions. They make sure you have 200 feet to thank by investing.

His book informs, focuses, and encourages bullfighting culture… so little. It is the pure history of bullfights, the dissemination of activities, costumes, gastronomy in Arnedo… Thanks to many local commercial firms. Glad to see Callaghan or Fluchos that I have known for centuries and treated for these fairs of God. But I throw my cowboy hat on everyone with the same gratitude for their support of the bullfighters. Without them… And there are less and less!

And even “ugly”. I don’t want to deprive a few lines of the shameful use of steel. It’s a pity because so many trophies are full and these are in the final with the animal husbandry and anti-bullfighting debates… seven dogs and parents “come together” at home. One bullfighting dealer said 92 aggressions were added between the punctures, blows, and insane failures. And this is worthless. They drill and run to see if they’re lucky. Or kickback if with the crosshead. Because everyone knows how to kill, and how well he trains the bull with wheels and the bale of hay like a neck!

The above shows, with data and opinions, not romance, how bullfights are what they need to replace, and how difficult it is for those who pretend to be having fun… and sometimes three hours pass and you see very little, distinctive and not original, but uniform… and from all those puncture scenes to the buckets. Everything positive has already been said and posted. The above is simple data that interests me and needs to be changed, and it’s not that hard if it’s about young people risking their lives and wanting to touch the glory and parné for what they have. always risked.


The 2019 “Golden Shoe” was won by Francisco Montero, who cut off every bull’s ear at the Resin Party. Student of Chiclanero and Emilio Oliva. This bullfighter took the alternative at Orthez last July, and the second major Dolores Aguirre cut off her bull’s ear and injured it. Shooting rewarded. Octavio Chacón and Sergio Flores completed the poster.

This year Cebada Gago’s cattle ranch awarded picador Mario Herrero, banderillero Raúl Cervantes, El Rafi for the best move and Fernando Plaza for the scenic bullfight.

The final “Silver Shoe”, the no-pit bullring, was won by Carla Otero, and the prize was to select the bullfight to be held at this year’s Arnedana fair.

Pedro Mari Azofra


-Francisco Montero, on the shoulders Carla Otero, Fabio Jiménez and the directors of the Arnedo Bullfighting Club show that they admire and contribute through publications, collaborations and events.

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