From La Rioja: Avoid apostates and censors!

From La Rioja: Avoid apostates and censors!

Bullfighting was in Spanish life and has always attracted various characters with artistic category and cultural weight.

-Nor bullfights can wear it anymore. So are the monarchs.

-Cinema, Painting, Song, Literature, Theatre, Sports… they had and still have a friendly relationship with the world of bullfights, and in some cases they are inspired by bullfights.

Today more than ever before with news of capitalist livestock, the war against bullfights, animal abuse with special news, dogs in homes, children and elderly in nurseries and old parents in shelters and mental hospitals, and so on. come across wealthy bipeds who dare to condemn you without respect for diving, hunting and pigeon-fishing or motorcycling, climbing and other risky sports. I don’t know if it happens in big cities, but it usually happens in “small places” where we almost all know each other… or separate each other. Any undocumented scumbag will put a banderilla on you to see if you hurt yourself or just because you “gracefully” ruined their hand-held wand.

They blame your writings, your books, your wishes, your arguments… with bad manners, until they stop them on their tracks and send them to hell, because the love of intellectuals from churreria and beer groups is oily… without grace or any document as well as care and respect. There are very cool people who attack personal tastes or desires. It’s hard for them to assimilate to anyone indulging as they please, and despite being old or even reading, they haven’t learned that agreeing is different from being opposed.

As with other hobbies, it’s not superficial, it’s lived by faith, it’s about bullfighting, and I don’t want to give examples that can be read or heard by word of mouth, but I’ve lived it as it has happened to thousands of fans. I’m not talking about professionals for whom commercial convenience or the like would offer other arguments.

Hotel Conde Rodrigo is in Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca. At the start of the Gallito de Alfaro in the early eighties, move to the Atanasio Fernández farm in Campocerrado, a tent with deep roots and tradition and a livestock institution. “Yiyo” and his manager Tomás Redondo did not have a “space”, they coincided with the group from La Rioja and asked if they could accompany us in the morning even if they were not fighting. How can we refuse! Then he stressed “Yiyo”, and likewise Tomás and himself did not forget to pay attention to the details of the friendship and correspondence fight bullfighting festivals in La Rioja, completely selflessly and for the benefit of some popular or charitable institution.

Las Ventas arena. One more run. In an elongated Pepe Blanco, he is one of the three most admired and famous in La Rioja, by popular vote in the newspaper “La Rioja” from the 20th century. The protagonist of films with more than 150 premiere songs, many of which are dedicated to “bullfighting”… Ready, naive in impeccable outfit and dare to greet him: “I am from Rioja. My father’s first cousin was a colleague at Almacenes Garrigosa in Logroño…”. “Man boy! I’m going to Logroño soon. Give me your phone number and I’ll call you to see us and talk about the bulls”.

The priceless friendship lasted until his death. What a good bullfighter and better people Pepe Blanco was, and what better times he gave me. He was already at the end of his life. But it was beautiful. Extensive experiences, the life of a distinguished artist… and a widespread reputation as good people in the art world. Admired, universal and loved.

La Rioja bullfighting lacked an encyclopedia, book, dictionary, history, dictionary of its heroes, from the swordsman to the last historian, extraordinary fan, picador, banderillero, suitcase, calf breeder, rancher, businessman or bullfighter. I thought of organizing it without an umbrella.

Pepe Illera, El Naranjero, Pepe Rioja, El Pirulí, Pepe Renta, Valentín Ruiz, Paco Miranda…all Riojans and fans, some dressed in lights and had a positive poster, the bullfight with Rafael Azcona and his bullfighters I heard about your relationship. “Citizens of his time. He sent him a copy of “Historia taurina de La Rioja” by his youthful friend Pepe Renta, and after the great film writer had reviewed it, he personally called me to point out the shortcomings, offered himself for the preface to the next volume. I included them and It was the early 1990s and Rafael, who had attended an amateur festival as a young man, was amazed at how bullfighters “appeared” in La Rioja in those years, where there were no bravo herds… and as luxury amateurs the prize winners were very The Aborigines helped little. Rafael was the best Spanish film writer… and prestigious companies confirm that he is European. He is “heifer”, he is “pasodoble”… a monster!

The last fair in Seville and comfort in the shade. Diego Urdiales on the poster. We spent the afternoon as a family, and without ever crossing our lands, I join a Riojan from Alfaro with a high level of business and culture: José Ignacio Martínez Manrique. He gave several lectures on bullfighting in Spain, North America, Russia… “El Cossío” also seems to include photography… Cheerful! His father “Paquillo” ran a barber shop on Plaza Chica Alfareña and it turned into a serious bullfighting convention. He was in charge of the pigsty door at the Florida bullfighting arena for many years. A new chance to participate in bullfights. A Riojan bullfight with a worldwide presence and unknown in his country.

Gathering in Soria. Another one of the hundreds that someone is protecting. But what I shared with snow champion Paquito Fernández Ochoa is very special. Bullfighters Pablo Lozano, Emilio Muñoz… Juan Mora…? Local Palomar, at the end of his serious and laudable career, did not fight so fair, and some relatives of the bullfighter from Soriano, who attended the event, challenged us because of Paquito’s respectful comment that pointed to Palomar’s importance and how. was no longer optimal in the professional instant. Paquito fought at festivals, knew bulls and didn’t miss San Fermín, where we once met, and shared some bullfighting comments and memories. We also met one afternoon in Zaragoza. Bullfight in between.

“The dead don’t touch, baby.” Based on the novel by Rafael Azcona. There I fell, or they fired me… to become the head of the bullfighting club of which the dead man was a member, and the surgeon of the bullfighting arena. And for the “bullfight”, I had the chance to spend invaluable moments with Roberto Bodegas, the director, screenwriter and actor, a very good fan of Haro and La Rioja, and poor Alex Angulo, an actor waiting to be discovered. Primary school teacher with no practice and closely linked to the Calahorra family. He was also a kid at La Salle boarding school in San Asensio, La Rioja. Until then they were “almost” unknown to me.

While shooting the movie, I lived with Carlos Iglesias, the director and actor of luxury, Juan Jesús Valverde, an intellectual dedicated to cinema and its environment, professor María Galiana, Curro Romero’s follower and advocate… I owe it all to a bullfighting cause… the hobby is what many soguillas defame without discussion. profession or activity.

The friendship and trust with director José Luis García Sánchez, producer Juan Gona from Oviedo, or a luxury I can never thank. All “for the bulls”. For being a bullfighting fan. Obvious. For the same reason, I had the chance to meet and treat Agustín Díaz Yanes. The film director, screenwriter, wrote the script for the movie “Belmonte”, is a very good fan and trained as a child, preparing himself to “become a bullfighter” in the hall and on the field. Rafael Azcona said of him: “Among current directors and screenwriters, he’s the best fit to make bullfight movies.”

A separate chapter deserves Alex Angulo. An actor… worldwide. In his first connection, he tells me about the afternoon bullfights of cinema, theater and television, where he tells me about the heifers and bullfights he tasted as a child in Calahorra, where he had strong, very direct family roots and was buried in his cemetery. In La Planilla… Comedian, farandulero, histrión, commentator and overflowing humanity.

And there are so many that don’t come to me! It all came from the world of bullfighting, where every resentful twister tackles frivolously and contemptuously, today more than ever before, unknowingly half the average and without defining himself, contrasting with the more “heavy” and intellectual subtleties in his hobbies. .sample. that there is

Over time, actors like Pedro Osinaga, a lot of bullfighting, musicians, writers, some French like the great André Viard would bring some French who left us an incomparably comprehensive study of the world of cattle farming… Manzanares in Dax in about the mid-eighties. “Taurine Lands” replicas, a historical luxury of this bullfighter, who took the alternative with Espartaco and a Carlos Núñez bull and endorsed it in Las Ventas, alternating with El Bayas a few years later, a bull by Jorge Manrique and the Marquis de Domecq.

Countless bullfighters, cartoonists and painters have come across in the atmosphere of bullfighting and some friendship and coexistence has been abundant. To give an example, his conversations with Luis García Campos “Maravilla” were invaluable, as in Bilbao at the time of exhibitions and fairs, as well as through cattle pasture in Salamanca, in a wilderness setting next to nearby pastures. completes. He engaged in bullfighting for several years. While replaying in a “gache” he had fought the previous year, he saw that he was not on the right track and closed the trash.

A great admirer and an excellent painter, Cantabrian Indalecio Sobrino alludes to the spirit of what he captures, writes very well about bullfighting and is an exemplary bullfighter. The last sign is that he has chaired the Santander Bullfighting Board since 2021. Commission organizing the Cantabrian fair.

What was landscape artist, painter, watercolorist José Puente like after he showed you his studio on the rooftop of a tall building in Madrid’s Plaza de Santa Ana? Or a couple of wines to the accompaniment of Curro Fetén? Or good-natured López Canito, another history writer of the brush… and Catalan Luis Badosa, Mayor Molinero, Vinyes, a five-star bullfighting cartoonist, or Carmelo Calvo from Zaragoza, another worldly cartoonist… And the great bullfighter and Sevillano John Fulton , cartoonist and painter. I’ve cured all of them and more, or met “through bulls”. I am very grateful and the list of great personalities would be endless. It is an example of how bullfights have an indisputable and exemplary cultural and social basis that illiterate opinologists are unaware of.

Of musicians, poets, playwrights, guitarists (“my” Manuel Morao, sonanta’s Jerez-born patriarch), actors… who see details in a bullfight only for humiliation and condemnation. May Taurus, used by Zeus to seduce Europa, forgive and transform them! Or use them. These guys are often an emotionally baptized piece of meat. Even though it alludes to Greek mythology or ornamental details as a joke, I don’t think those who approach it more than speak to the herd understand the snobbery and lack of motivation that “the world” offers every second. The abused biped… to protest with the foundation in favor of the species they share and live without hesitation and thoughtlessness.

It has been a long time since Putin tried to frighten the world and frighten Ukraine and its surroundings with an astonishing murderous security, the coldness of a powerful executioner, and the passage of disdain for the arguments, algorithms and poems of its half. World. This gacho is indeed an animal that causes deplorable parties to show off for livestock and other polarized idiots. Not fighting bulls before an event, which is already a demonstrable ecological entity to anyone with knowledge and goodwill.

Pedro Mari Azofra


-Paints Indalecio Sobrino, John Fulton and Carmelo Calvo, guitarist Manuel “Morao” and film director Díaz Yanes with Diego Urdiales and Fernández Casado.

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