Good level in cattle farm competition

Good level in cattle farm competition

Román is at the Xàtiva street arena this Wednesday. / Jesus signs

A calm and courageous generous Roman and the Torrealta bull are the highlights of the afternoon.

A good level in the bullfighting competition that closed the season in Valencia. There was a nice atmosphere in the queues, no one was impatient with the pace this approach requires of a bullfight; there were the brave bulls, some of them high grade and very complete, first a red from Torrealta, which would eventually be the winner of the afternoon; There was another spectacular performance from Pedraza de Yeltes that would result in a drop in the last third on the bars like the fourth, which is what usually happens when a lot of bulls run in the top three; and the third went to the high note, the fifth, two punches from the more restrained La Palmosilla on the horse, at the request of the matador, who at that moment decided and wanted to skip the scenario of the celebration. but he eventually disgraced himself with a somersault and had to be punctured halfway through his mission, giving ample examples from Lorenzo’s large class.

There were spectacular picadors like Santiago Morales, who won the award for the arguably best of the sticks’ luck, and Puchano, who fought splendidly on horseback, catching the chance with the category but having the misfortune of falling puya. the nuance that he puts aside the low and final reward; Another special name for the afternoon was Rafael González of Román’s gang. He finishes with the best fighter award.

And beyond cutting off the single ear given in the afternoon, there was another proper name, Román, who could cut another of the fifth ear and was more regular than the previous afternoons, healing as well as translation is appreciated because his friends didn’t. the spirit of bullfighting is to place the bulls away from the horse to shine, for the final third to allow them to strike the third fist even when the bull’s condition is in jeopardy, generosity is called the Valencia stance.

The award-winning Glider, the 490-pound bull in a red cape, didn’t need more Roman to get a round of applause at the start, he threw three punches, the third nearly three punches from the media, all came quickly, happy and charged; In the final blow of the booby, Morales groped for his last third, where he took a bold action, using a less aggressive groping stick than those in the rules, to maintain his strength, his death was brave, quick, demanding but also noble, resisting to his last breath when it came to joining the quotes.

One of the afternoon’s attractions, Adolfo Martín’s bull from the accredited Mulillero family was not bad and did not disappoint, but it met the expectations this currency has always created (it is a struggle against its own prestige) and passed unnoticed. He was a noble in the last third, he responded when asked but in this case the matador, the inexperienced Fonseca, was really slow to progress. Alcurrucenm stopped excessively; that of the noble Pedraza, it has already been said that a lot of money was spent on the horse; He was frustrated with the somersault from Palmosilla, and the one from El Tajo, a serious example, competed very little and defended himself excessively. Acknowledging the logical inequality of species and taking into account that they came from different herds, the set of bulls gave a good presentation with an imposing coat of arms, with an example like the sixth from El Tajo.

Roman was very keen on both, his first job had a discussion and interesting passages, he was right when he gave the bull and killed it with a good move after a hard fight at the poles. He held the level in the second and was suppressed by the naturals of the category on the left, and when he opened the big door, he failed with the essence.

Álvaro Lorenzo rushed to the bull from Alcurrucen, and the people asked him not to insist, and when the one from Palmosilla was cut off, the setback came, the bull collapsed, and the bullfighter and the public were left with honey on their lips. The Mexican Isaac Fonseca was purely willful. It took time to get convinced with Adolfo, and when he did so at the last stretch, he got the most out of the bull and himself and put all the trend in the world before the flamboyant sixth, but found no cooperation.

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