Great bullfight in Zafra

Great bullfight in Zafra

With a bullfight by Álvaro Núñez from Cuvillo, as fair in presentation as there was a lot of class and courage in the name of a few bulls, it was a great afternoon bullfight in Zafra this Saturday., with joy in the lines and great interest in the arena. Juanito was pardoned, Roca Rey largely reached the stands despite being Morante de la Puebla who glorified bullfights.

The Seville event is something unique and very special. The fourth was a boy with horns tied with pythons and without a neck. Zafra is a third category place. It was tough at first but Morante softened it up and some of the verónica turned out to be gorgeous, very slow and the middle of the auction front was perfect.


CATTLE BREEDING: Álvaro Núñez’s six bulls are small and beautiful, but almost all but the first have been collected. The first is dim; docile but manageable second; brave and third class, pardoned; fourth noble; bravo fifth, ring turned; noble and classy sixth.

THE RIGHT ROUTERS: Morante de la Puebla, made of tobacco and embroidered with white thread: Estocada (Greetings); two holes and moves (Greetings).

Roca Rey, white and gold: lunge (Two ears); upright and lunge (Two ears).

Juanito, bull blood and gold: simulated moves (two symbolic ears and tail); two ears; prick and lunge (Ear).

Square: Zafra. First fair work. Fully shaded and two-thirds covered by the sun. Roca Rey and Juanito stood shoulder to shoulder.

The spectacular start of the mission, the knee of four muletasons on the ground, then the capstan, the natural, the signature crossing, an endless naturalness, a bullring and a change of hands to set the art genius. Sevillian followed the round, led the animal slowly, positioning was essential and the task flowed with pleasure. Adjustment on embroces, depth and low arm. Beautiful finish with natural from front to toe.

Morante insisted on taking the bull he was fighting and killing it., pierced twice before making a move. He could only say hello.

Earlier, he first got rid of something lifeless, seemingly repaired from the appearance that he tried in two rounds for both pythons but soon went to the sword.

Morante de la Puebla was in Zafra yesterday. EFE / JERO MORALES

Newcomer in Zafra

Roca Rey debuted in Zafra and made a knockdown paseillo. He pulled the first bull into the lottery, interrupted but reunited and threw it rhythmically into the veronica. That animal had a crazy fight, moving a lot in the first two-thirds.

At the beginning of the bullfight, the signs of the bullfighter overlooked the muletases, highlighting the animal. Bull crusted, domineering, with a lot to carry and work with in the media with round series by both pythons. They wanted to break Álvaro Núñez’s, but Roca kept it in the media. Lung and two ears.

The fifth was a big, brave and classy bull. It was plywood but beautifully made, played with pythons. Well watched to the peruvian veronica. The animal has already noticed that it is doing well in the banderillas.

Peruvian Roca Rey was in Zafra yesterday. EFE / JERO MORALES

He started on his knees in the tour. Standing up, Roca first passed the horned man in a short string, and then the muletases sprouted more intensely. The bull had stability and depth, and with it the right-handed combined the tied and finished bullring, with one other facing the lines, on their knees or like the last bernadines. Complementing a victorious afternoon, two ears walked.

Juanito arrived in closed Zafra, and had the best party. A very flawed python bull walked in, heaped up and brochon exaggeratedly, but it was a paradigm of courage and class.

The lift was for the very jelly bully zapopinas. Good step to the bull in banderillas.

the forgiven bull

He started with passes from behind, quoting the midfielder on his knees, and continued in the same way in the round. He put his face in the burel well, humiliated and gave it a spin. A small dot opened with his left hand. Soon, during the attack, the animal overflowed, taking a long time and allowing connection without losing its pace. Speeding up a bit, Juanito swapped that beautiful bullfight for another on his knees.

They started begging for forgiveness and the president accepted. It simulated a kill chance and walked the maximum trophies. His name was the good bull Luminito, and that’s what it was called, and he was shod with the number 7.

Juanito was on a mission in Zafra yesterday. EFE / JERO MORALES

The sixth was a gathered bull that turned its back on Juanito’s cloak, trying to get out of the durte. It was tame, but banderillas had many feet.

The mission began with the genuflexa knee pressing down on Núñez’s knees. The bull responded to Juanito’s tough bullfight in a round, low manner so that he brought it behind his hip. There was a foresight to continue fighting more online in an intense mission that didn’t regress. Last Bernadinas, puncture, lunge and ear.

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