Great classic natural bullfight from Escribano

Great classic natural bullfight from Escribano

The programming of the El Puerto de Santa María season is undoubtedly an artistic achievement. Another thing is the success of the people, which, contrary to popular belief, is not easy here.

Adolfo Martín y Cuadri’s cattle fight (which will draw supporters from nearby Huelva) is well thought out, but I doubt these folks would be passionate about bullfighting. The Test: Another regular entry with a local matador, Alejandro Morilla, as well as two talented hardcore bullfighters, Manuel Escribano and Rubén Pinar. Cuadri bulls, unequal in presentation and play; Adolfo Martín’s are serious and bold. Escribano wins a three-eared victory; one and a short Morel; Pınar shows her professionalism with the worst party.

Manuel Escribano resurfaced this afternoon: On July 22, his cufflink was broken at La Linea. His success in six miuras at Sevilla definitely placed him in the position he deserved. The first quartet gets a good cast but swings a lot, which limits the reverberation of the mission. The notary does not make banderillea as usual; Admittedly from his injury but very confident, he pulls out the bossy streak from the right and kills it with determination: the ear. Adolfo’s room was late, but he stuck his head in the classroom. The Escribano tracks down good speedboats and curls it completely naturally, commanding it, wrapping it completely around the waist. Great job, he finished off with a great move: just two ears and back to the bull.

Alejandro Morilla from Escuela de Jerez definitely needs to come back. It is not a novel: it is already 37 years old; 16, as a bullfighter. He also fought in Peru. He suffered a mishap at the Chenel Cup last May and died. Purple, the first Adolfo, very open with the pythons, happily rides twice on the horse, charging for a long time and humiliating: a big bull. Morilla spared no effort from the long pass to the portagayola, calling from far away (now as usual and I don’t understand), shifting muletazo, soft right hands, and a decisive move. From the one who plays and gives his all, we cannot ask for more: ear and applause for the magnificent bull. On the fifth, his good quartet, determined, sped up movement was applauded by the villagers, and a good move earned him another ear.

Rubén Pinar of Albacete is the guarantor of professionalism in hardcore bullfights: he’ll be more or less sane, but I’ve never seen him beat and he commands an almost unfailing weapon of rage. Third, a quad that weighs almost 600 pounds thinks for a long time before recharging and stops soon. ballot paper. His difficulty is no longer noticeable because Rubén Pinar gives a great sense of solvency and professionalism, looks for turns and kills him well. I applaud him more than the public. The last of Adolfo is also brave on horseback. Ángel Otero brings together two extraordinary couples. While Taurus falls short, Rubén gives him a fit and brave fight, takes his natural virtue and makes a big move. He must have been in the ring. With the worst party, it turned out very well.

  • Royal Square.

    Friday, August 5, 2022. The fourth celebration of the season is in El Puerto. An entrance room. With three bulls from Celestino Cuadri (1st, 3rd and 5th) and three bulls from the serious and brave Adolfo Martín (2nd, 4th and 6th), who are unequal in presentation and play, the livestock fight returns to the ring in 4th place. .

  • Manuel Escribano,

    granite and gold. Loose lunge (ear). Fourth, the big move (two ears on the shoulders and the exit).

  • Alexander Morilla,

    white and silver. lunge (ear). In the fifth, the lunge (ear and exit on the shoulders).

  • Ruben Pinar,

    blue and gold. Move (palm). In the sixth, the lunge and the buttonhole (greetings).

The only downside is Mr. President: Isn’t there anything you can do to speed up the very slow pace of the bullfights a bit? The first two bulls take more than an hour: too much! We saw good bulls from Adolfo and some unusual naturals from Manuel Escribano: How beautiful is the classic bullfight!

With the numbers coming in, this Saturday hopefully this Plaza Real bucks. It’s not easy for many vacationers to enjoy the sea breezes, but it’s always worth seeing the bulls in El Puerto.

postscript. Santiago Grisolía died at an advanced age: besides being a distinguished scholar and president of the Valencian Cultural Council, he was a good fan of the Fiesta. I met him many times at the Fallas bullfights: he always told me how much he loved a good bullfight. Its international projection has not prevented our culture from guessing its roots. As it’s supposed to be.

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