Great run of El Pilar and big gate for Ferrera in Zaragoza

Great run of El Pilar and big gate for Ferrera in Zaragoza

Six bulls of a brave and complete bullfight of the motto El Pilar, an undeserved start to the magnificent “Sospetillo” and Antonio Ferrera on his shoulders, this Tuesday in Zaragoza, which, in their own right, is awarded with a great display of courage above even the bullfighters, and especially the back of the ring He said he “given”.

The quarantine of Salamanca livestock, which will probably be one of the highlights of the 2022 season, available to start a flawless presentationbecause in addition to volume and seriousness, almost all of them wore a fine and “aerodynamic” craftsmanship that preferred their class in attacks.

Also, his fight took place in a suitable atmosphere, with an audience that wanted to have fun, and for the first time in three years, he nearly filled the stands. Pignatelli two centuries old arena, despite the most dire predictions that the cartels shut down by the company could attract.

Of course, the same festive mood caused Antonio Ferrera to be given two undeserved ears. such a magnificent fourth bullEver since he entered the ring, he has not ceased to undertake every appointment offered to him with absolute dedication and refined quality.

The bull, a right-handed veteran from Extremadura, wore the bull as a huge positive point in his performance, especially flowers and volanderos lifts with his green cloak, yet even then, the top class “Sospetillo”, who boldly pushed the horse, managed to rush.

He was a true brave bull from El Pilar, the result of centuries of genetic selection, with Ferrera almost touching perfection in some attacks where he went from here to there taking inappropriate advantage, self-contained, lightweight and transporting an animal to the outskirts who put one hundred percent the feeling of this unequal meeting of will.

Even so, the grateful public enjoyed the ostentatious staging and trembled oddly to kill the extreme. step-by-step entry from twenty meters… in the end, to prescribe an ugly coup that the president doesn’t care to give him those two unjust trophies that opened the big door for him.

At least the US had the wisdom to reward it with its return to the ring while dragging the bull, perhaps it would have deserved it. also the brave sixthHe is the only person who did not lift his nose from the sand after Manuel Escribano’s salutation to the portagayola, who warmly greeted the trio’s grand El Pilar bullfight.

Sevillian repeated the scenario of his mission with the second to the third, Banderilleando has unequaled success, and with a crutch bullfighting, toughness and truthAlthough they were missing one more checkpoint on their crutch flight, they needed two bulls who had lost everything from below.

What is not clear is that the President was very generous to Ferrera, after a good move he would deny the second ear of Escribano’s sixth and most of all, after having the best bullfight of the afternoon.

The thing about El Fandi goes into another chapter, because the Granada man performing with the banderillas, as usual, tundi two Good bulls from El Pilarespecially to the sweet and clear fifth, with a Stakhanovist succession of coarse and independent passes, to the point where the latter is bad

At the same time, the noble and just man of Ferrera, enough devotion and that passionate devotion It was necessary to respond to this bullfight at El Pilar, which will occupy the most outstanding podium of the season.

FESTIVAL FILE.- Six bulls from El Pilar, the fourth as a hat for a starter with a broken left python. Bullfighting with volume and presence, in addition to the fine and fine craftsmanship that gives an all-around great play for dedication, nobility and class. The fourth bull stood out for his great courage, rewarded with a return to the ring in the drag: “Sospetillo”, No. 151, Lombard chestnut, 558 kilos.

Antonio Ferrera, white and gold: detached forward lunge (applause); goletazo (two ears). I walked out the front door on my shoulders.

El Fandi, in black and gold: three holes and an independent preliminary move (silence); detached rear half move (return to ring after warning and ear request).

Manuel Escribano, in red and gold: an outstretched fist and lunge (applause after two warnings); move (the latter’s strong demand and the ear of his anger at the presidency).

Among the gangs, Antonio Prieto came to the fore by taking the fourth place.

The fifth subscription celebration of the Pilar fair, which covered three quarters of the capacity – approximately 7,500 spectators –

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