"I desire the best and I work hard for it every day"

“I desire the best and I work hard for it every day”

Pablo Donat is a humble Valencian sidekick who relies on the pursuit of purity in bullfighting on horseback, and while his concept may not be the most striking to the general public, it is the most knowledgeable and above all to conduct the bullfight with integrity. as possible. After a year of setbacks in training, he is excited for his appointment at Bocairent this Saturday and will be replaced by Pablo and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza.

How do you approach the Bocairent event?

After a very difficult year, I am very motivated with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm because next to the house and with a perfect poster, more illusion is impossible. A special day, beautiful, to enjoy and remember for a lifetime, I hope the bulls charge and people have fun.

How do you see the current status of Rejoneo?

I see it as a bit like bullfighting in general, it’s true that not many people go to the bullfight, but I think it’s not the fault of the bullfighting scene, football has just started and the stadiums aren’t full. I think it has more to do with the economic aspect because everything has gone up and people don’t spend money on a ticket because they won’t be able to do that and will have to allocate to the basics. In that sense, I see it as a bullfight, it’s time to get stronger and endure this pull and this crisis, just as we have withstood the virus. But I think people love bullfights, a lot of people tell me they don’t go because they left 100 euros a day and you stop to think about it and it’s true. On an artistic level, I believe bullfights are in a great time, there are guys bullfighting with very good horses and stables, it’s going very well, for this part the youngsters are better prepared and come out with better horses. I think there will be competition in the coming years.

What can Bocairent fans see about you?

You’ll be able to see from me the desire, the desire to do things well, to give the bull an advantage, to lead the horses head-to-head, to touch the opposite python, to take risks… That’s what I’m thinking. My bullfights give the bull maximum advantage, throw real horses and take risks and make them emotional, an amateur should leave with excitement, we do nothing if it turns out boring. I will try to excite people with me.

What surprises do you have for Bocairent?

The surprises are a bit much because it’s almost a year where I didn’t fight for injuries. So everything is new, there are three or four new ones who have fought many cows, but they are new. I want people to see my concept and the way I fight, I want to rise so high.

How do you get to the alternative after so many injuries?

It’s been a very complicated year, from January to April I was unemployed and after cycling for three or four weeks I was going to a competition with Roca Rey in Bocairent and Castilla La Mancha and I was injured again and had to have surgery. Again. Now the injuries seem to allow me to live a normal life, I prepare myself a lot to fight a bull on the field behind closed doors, I train a lot to perfect the technique. I think it will be a good day and the horses will do well.

Are horses like part of a rejoneador’s family?

Yes, as sons or siblings I poked a finger and keep going but if anything happens to the horse you need to call the vet. You spend so much time with them and get to know them so much that you can tell if the horse is good or bad just by looking at them, so it’s very difficult when you lose one because you spend all day with them and so many experiences. The fear that we both experience in bullfights causes us to understand each other better and to pass on beautiful and difficult things to each other. They are life partners.

Is it hard to be a rejoneador in Valencia?

Well, yes, it’s true that it’s a bit more difficult because of the cattle ranching thing because there isn’t much in a large radius, it’s very difficult for you. You have to have a temporary place because if you don’t, you have to move the truck, move the horses, every time you want to lure cows or train with a bull… and all the expense involved. Also because of the theme of celebration, there are many more celebrations in other areas and they are very supportive of their bullfighters, there are a few fairs here and we have to make do with what we have. It is true that they have always supported me in Bocairent and that is something I am grateful for, but in other areas this is not the case.

is rejoneo ungrateful?

I don’t think it’s ungrateful, there are times when you wonder what all this is for. But in the end I think doing what you love is rewarding, yes it’s true that there are hard times but there are moments like this in all areas of life so I don’t think it’s ungrateful. When you ride a horse and put a stick that you dream of, you forget everything, it’s very difficult, not very grateful, but very beautiful.

What do you dream about at night?

I dream of getting to the top of the bullfighting arena where I get up every day, not standing up to do 20 bullfights for 4-5 years. I desire the best and work hard for it every day.

Who is Pablo Donat?

I am a rather modest boy who, with the help of my family and friends, gradually took the lead. Gradually, he built a fairly complete barn with a goal to fight until there was nothing left. about me.

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