“I spend more time on horseback than walking”

“I spend more time on horseback than walking”

Mario Pérez Langa was born on April 25, 1990 in Calatayud. He spent his childhood among horses. His grandfather was engaged in agriculture and owned a stable with horses, and his father continued. He started riding horses at the age of ten and, despite being good at school at sixteen, decided to devote himself to bullfighting. She shared a poster with Roca Rey and Paco Ureña on Bocairent the other day.

Advertising with bullfight figures should instill stage fright.

Nice poster with two bullfight figures. It wasn’t a celebration of rejones with my friends, but it was a great satisfaction to walk alternately with the bipedal bullfighter figure. There was a lot of demand, but it was also a great incentive.

It has many supporters in this field.

The truth is yes, I am very comfortable in Valencia. The bullfighting clubs in both Lliria and Algemesi love me very much and have sponsored me. This is the best part of this profession. I am so grateful and the love they have shown me inside and outside the square is amazing. It is the picks that follow and accompany me, not only in this region, but in all the squares of Spain and France.

You are an idol especially in Algemesi.

True yes. It’s a beautiful square and it’s great, though it has some features for those returning. I was the winner of the fair. And it has held a special place in my career. I did it for Joao Moura the first time I fought there. And from the very first moment, a very close relationship was established between me and Algemesi. For me it’s a place where everything always goes well and people are great. They give you all their love, they support you from the moment you arrive in the city. Ever since you got the horses out of the truck. Then they made me a bullfighting club. They are fans and friends. There I did bullfights and mixed bullfights from El Capea, Cebada Gago, Los Espartales or Albarrán.

You are a man from Calatayud. And the horses were always at home.

That’s it. My two grandparents owned horses from my parents’ side. I have always loved them and grew up with them. I even loved being a bailiff at parties and almost without asking permission I decided to look for a job on a farm. Get out of the family and search for your life. I’ve had horses at home for as long as I can remember. There were barns and stables. My father was fond of horses, we used to ride horses. And I went from being a good fan to a comeback, which is pretty tense. And it needs faith, lots of faith, because I am the only Aragonese rejoneador. As a child, I had a dream that seemed impossible because of where I lived, but it came true.

Although this requires a human and economic effort.

And a lot. Because unless you’re in an epic or a family of ranchers or bullfighters, it’s very difficult to start from scratch. You need a truck, a horse stable, staff, facilities. With the help of my family, my desire, and my work, I began to learn and introduce myself in exchange for breaking other people’s horses. To work. Making a living and making a hole in myself. At home I dedicate myself to dressage, testing, preparing and selling horses to individuals. It’s a very complex but very beautiful world.

Then Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, who was fighting near his house, saw him and his life changed.

I can say it was the happiest day of my life. It was like a prize. He came to see me fighting that day, and at the end of the celebration he invited me and told me to come and spend the day at his house. Pablo has been an idol for me since childhood. And watching him fight accompanied by my father was a gift. And it was extraordinary that he invited me to spend a day with him and get to know him. And from that day on, he said that if I wanted to stay with him in Estella to prepare the horses, I could. It was a dream for me. Then a wonderful personal and professional relationship was formed. He gave me the alternative at the Pilar fair in Zaragoza. The godfather of Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza and witnessed by Lea Vicens, October 16, 2016 was an unforgettable date. Then I fought him many afternoons. Then I prepared horses for him and we have a wonderful friendship.

What was the best teaching Paul gave him?

The main foundation is to work, study and work harder. Stability, more work. Persist and discover things based on effort. From seven in the morning to eleven at night I spend all day crushing myself. It’s horse, horse and horse 365 days a year. This was my last fifteen years. It can be said that I spent more hours on horseback than walking. But then the reward is to pave your way in this profession. I’m excited, I’m enthusiastic, it’s poison, an illusion, a job that takes me twenty-four hours a day, because for me it’s no longer a job, it’s love for a job I love, love. This is my life and I love it. And even though I train for hours, my day is short. And I’ve been like this for over fifteen years.

And the reward is that a space has been created to fight in key arenas, starting from the ground up.

This is how it is. Notice I confirmed in Madrid, I got the alternative in Zaragoza, Pamplona, ​​Teruel, I cut off my four ears, in Huesca I went out the front door, in Soria, Puerto de Santa María, many places in France. This is compensation, especially if you are a stranger in a big house, not a cradle, you have to earn everything by hard work. And to start fighting from below, in small squares and strong bullfights, but these serve to get to know you, get a job, develop in the profession. And thank God, because I find a place in the ranks. Although not at all fairs, I have struggled with Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Diego Ventura, Andy Cartagena, Sergio Galán, Leonardo Hernández in recent years. Nothing is impossible, everything is achieved through effort, work, enthusiasm and believing in yourself and God.

The Covid years will be difficult.

No celebrations, no fights, and you don’t know what’s going to happen, as it won’t be hard if you’re unemployed. The expenses are high and it is impossible to get the accounts when you are unemployed. It’s been two years where life has never stopped and we have had to feed the horses, protect the staff, the truck, the training, the facilities, the vaccinations. You had to invest and put in a lot of money without winning. It was a complex issue, but with good management it was possible to move forward. Now everything is changing. I was able to fight twelve afternoons last year and they respected my expense. I was able to earn money to cover expenses, but it’s a huge investment.

You are glad that the barn was made for you.

This has been the tone of my career. The truth is, I don’t have a chance to buy horses there either. I, the colts, have been training them since they were born and take the time to teach them. The horse itself is cowardly, so you need to train them. Starting from the ground up is a virtue. I started from scratch, as I said, there were only riding horses in the house. I had nothing focused at home, I was self-taught. I had a foundation to teach myself and how to train horses. The horses turned out some good, some bad. Some served for the challenge and others did not. I was building the barn little by little, choosing horses whose character or lineage I felt might be bullfighters. My greatest pride is that almost all of the horses I own today have come into my hands as colts, not just for economic reasons, but because I love to tame them, my way of understanding riding and bullfighting. And this is later noticed in the square where the rider and horse have to appear together.

Now there is an extraordinary horse stable.

For me all horses are special, both the newest and the horses that are already traded. But I want to highlight two. It’s an honor for Calamaro to have singer Andrés thank me. A horse I use in banderillas, a Silveira colt, a prestigious Portuguese iron. And I gave him that name because Andrés was dedicated to defending the bullfight at the time, and I wanted to thank him for this honor and for defending us. He learned from my networks and immediately called me, it was a support for me. And then I have Algemesi, a horse that never fails. And, of course, that it won’t be named after the town that loves me so much.

You are classic and gorgeous at the same time.

I like to do things naively, to quote from the front, nail the stirrups, gather a lot, fight to the end. But above all, show it to the fans. I convey my desire and joy to be in a square. The most important thing is that it comes to light. And everything you train in anonymity, in solitude. Then the moment they announce you, all that illusion pops up and you want to show off all the work you’ve done alone. To me, it may be desire. And I convey that illusion and that joy. But at the same time, I always try to do things well and with great purity. Giving the bulls an advantage.

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