I triumphed both in myself and in reliability in my last performance in Madrid: Joselito Adame


It was interesting that the first bullfighting figure in our country, Joselito Adame, spoke to the specialist press of dear Aguascalientes, an event organized by the company Espectaculos Monterrey (EMSA) on Wednesday morning, October 19th. , in a well-known restaurant located in the north of this capital.
After talking about the company in this city, Fabián Barba, Bullrings operations manager, welcomed the different media and thanked them for their presence, then started talking to our friend Mr. Adrián Sánchez, who joined as moderator; He underlined that Joselito Adame, who evaluated his 15 years as a bullfighter, lived a story with clear and beautiful moments, but also hard and hard stuff, which promised his beginning.
He remembered starting out as a matador was a good thing, because thanks to his alternate’s victories at Arles and later at Méntrida, he was signed to appear in 10 bullfights in addition to the opportunity to fight and alternate. notable bullfighters.
He stressed that he was excluded because of the hepatitis he caught and that he could not fulfill the important commitments he had signed, and that he also became weak after recovering physically, but that he regained his reputation thanks to his victory in Sevilla. A powerful wake-up call rhythm the day it was confirmed in Madrid, where 2013 was a pivotal year in his career, where he achieved particular success in the places that helped him achieve a privileged place.
In her transcendent moments in this 15-year alternative, she highlighted the aforementioned afternoon in Seville, such as her first shoulder trip in Plaza México and her missions with the bulls from Julián Hamdan’s animals, and of course all her victories. Obtained in 2013 in both Spain and France.
Like many other bullfighters, he said he has a connection in the history of bullfighting, as one of his mirrors now serves as an inspiration for other kids to fall for it, like Julián López “El Juli” when he was a kid. love this beautiful profession.
Referring to what this year 2022 was like, he said it’s the same year with his two appearances in the past San Marcos Bullfighting Series, starting on January 1 with more triumphant afternoons at Jalpa, afternoons at Juriquilla, Salvatierra, Moroleón, and of course. They helped him a lot in completing the 2022 European season full of motivation and freshness, especially in Arles and Madrid, where he felt strong, confident and confident in both, and above all to face his commitments in ‘Las Ventas’, where he made himself. In the coin air, he achieved an internal victory that he believed could play in the major leagues of world bullfights and, above all, earned his credibility.
Commenting on his performance at the Plaza Monumental, he stressed that it cheered him up and that it was, after all, a finished poster, saying that he would go out to defend his place and not let it win the palms.
It was imperative to address the issue that Eulalio López “Zotoluco” left him on the watch team by saying that he had learned a lot from being around a figure above all else; He expressed his great confidence that Juan Carlos López de los Reyes is now part of his team and expects great results as he is a person who knows the crazy party in our country and always acts with great responsibility and respect. (pacovargas_@hotmail.com)

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