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Moor from PueblaLópez Chaves and Alejandro Marcos parade in the third part of the Virgen de la Vega Fair in Salamanca this Friday. Galach.

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Morante’s flashes are loose at first

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Plaza Morante de la Puebla then opens in front of ‘Grajillo’, where it doubles over two speed wells to fit several perfect sets representing the first resounding olés of the afternoon. The one from Galache is used in sticks with a good punch from Aurelio Cruz. Without proof, Morante almost got glued to the boards by the right python. It goes to the media. The horn has little power, your precious sword. Natural cigar maker bullfighter tries two muletas where he left off in slow motion. Continue on the left, closer to the boards, Morante stable. Right back to python. There is a lack of cleanliness in the muletazes due to the annoying squid of Galache, who, despite her extreme nobility, does not give more. It kills almost completely, very effective. After a small request, he is greeted with applause.

López Chaves walks both of Galache’s ears towards the ring

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Very moderate and very bullfighter, López Chaves’ cape nods to ‘Chillón’ by kneeling down and gaining ground for the media. He puts this in front of José Palomares’ horse, who hits Galache’s horse with a good punch. The flamboyant lift of the Ledesma bullfighter is relaxed and rhythmic. A large third of the banderillas of Roberto Blanco and Gómez Pascual, which were dismantled. Provides publicly available López Chaves. After a series of trial and error by both pythons, the charro was broken by the right python. Galache takes a long time with transmission and travel. Although the most resonant sequences are from the right, it is very harsh in natural bullfighting. Galache’s pronghorn is very brave. It all happens under the sounds of the pasodoble dedicated to López Chaves. A beautiful scene in La Glorieta. The bullfighter fits the natural ending. A bubbling tone fell in the stands, but the final move caused the handkerchiefs to come out and demand a double reward for very moderate and very bullfighting work against a good bull, which was rewarded by López Chaves’ return to the ring.

Alejandro Marcos hits the natural third and is applauded

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He was applauded with impeccable stance at the beginning of ‘Musquetero’. Veronica Alejandro Marcos cannot be stretched. It went well to meet the horse that the well-executed Héctor Pin?a, from Galache, rode. Coming from La Fuente, with help from above, he gives the task to Manuel Diosleguarde before starting the bullfight. Unused on Marcos’ crutches, Galache’s very shine gives him a lot of air and space between series. Sign the charro in the series on the right, where he seems to sneak in and measure in every muletazo. It is more attached to the natural, where Alejandro Marcos draws a few neat muletazo and very beautiful lines, but the work is devoid of flight. Kill it well and give it a standing ovation.

Weight ear for Morante with a bet Galache

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Morante cannot flaunt the capote bullfight on this occasion. ‘Enfermito’, who seems to be missing one more anthem from his brothers, performs with sticks. It backfired. Protest on flags. Morante is eager, trying to take advantage of Galache’s classless inertia. Music plays after a string with lace and right python tied. In the media, Morante fights slowly. Plus work. Seville gets angry, waits for a long time for the star to attract him and leaves the beautiful muletases. The sensational Morante is natural, well above the bull. Before entering the kill at the pigsty door, a warning chime sounds. I’m crushing. The ear is too heavy for Morante.

Chaves’ toughness and anger with a classified but weak fifth

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The open compass took Chaves in the fifth of the performance, which put the horse with a galleo por chiuelines. Ledesma is sweet. Galache is released after the first meeting. She takes a second stick that she swings at it. Lopez Chaves gives him time but still loses his hands. The president replaces the third. It looks like it’s popping up in Banderillas’ Wagon. Chaves’ start was very soft, doing everything in favor of the bull, he was in good shape but the skills were very weak. The bullfighter from Ledesma understands Galache’s attacks, quoting from short distance, repeating here more and better. There is a lot of class in the pronghorn attack, which Chaves benefits from being very robust and determined. There is not much connection with the natural. Galache goes out. Kill charro in the third encounter.

Without options, Alejandro Marcos with the unsolved sixth

A nice receipt to the plaza from Alejandro Marcos, who happily fought Veronica. Sandoval’s horse gets almost no penalty. The Salamancan bullfighter removes the bullfighter for chicuelinas, finishing with a center revolera. Galache gets complicated in banderillas. Alejandro Marcos toasts the crowd, looking forward to repeating what happened last year. He begins by reviewing Charo, testing the blame. It goes to the media. Repeat ‘Gadeo’ on Marcos networks looking for the link on the right. Muletases are naturally clean, but there is a lack of transmission and echo in the lines. Painter at auction, bullfighter from Salamanca who couldn’t find the key to fly before the last Galache’s bland and tramp attack. Before the impossibility of victory, he chooses the abbreviation.


Bullfighting Glorieta, Salamanca. Fair Third. Bullfighting. Three quarter entry.

bulls Galach

Moor from Puebla (royal blue and gold): Applause on request and

Lopez Chaves (tile and gold): Applause with two ears and greetings

Alexander Mark (bull blood and jet): Salute and applause with silence


wretched in this link or in the image below to access the celebration’s photo gallery.

Afternoon Gallery 6

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