Javier Zulueta Andalusia XXIV Becerradas Competition Winner

Javier Zulueta Andalusia XXIV Becerradas Competition Winner

  • Zulueta cut off two ears – a strong tail demand and two laps around the ring – after cutting a resounding job brimming with plasticity.
  • Ángel Pérez filled his important mission with anger and aftertaste. took the second place
  • Dennis Martín distracted his opponent based on dedication and diversity. Third on the podium

The important bullfight of Rodeo, who won the third prize with his return to the ring, drew attention.

The bullfight in Estepona, Málaga hosted the ‘Grand Final’ of the XXIV Bullfighting Competition organized by the Andalusian Bullfighting Schools Association ‘Pedro Romero’ on Saturday, October 15th. A celebration in the ‘Practice Class’ modality as part of the annual ‘Promoting New Bullfighting Values’ project.

It’s a bullfight with a summer vibe, even though it’s autumn on the calendar. Estepona arena had a good bullfight with very high artistic content among the seven finalists. Young students Mauro Macandro, Manuel Troncoso, Javier Zulueta, Isaac Galvin, Dennis Martín, Ángel Pérez and Juanmi Vidal shared a total of 10 ears before a good bullfight from El Rodeo.

sevillian Javier Zulueta He fought with great pleasure and grace before the third of El Rodeo, which was rewarded with the return of the Ring. The man from Seville won the ‘Triunfador’ award after putting together a resounding work filled with plasticity, cutting off both ears – a strong desire for a tail and two laps around the ring. Zulueta donned a dreamy cloak that captivated those present and saved both pythons from a series of tasks full of bonding, tempering, and packing. The natural arose in the flights of crutches, in depth, demand and sleep. Javier signed off on his sinister work with a lace-free stoconazo. His stupendous performance from start to finish smelled like the highest trophies, but the president inexplicably refused to take the queue for no reason, causing a great deal of outrage in those present.

The young man from Dos Hermanas opened a place, Mauro MacanderHe was serious and talented at a job that went further. Palace Manuel Troncoso took his palms after hearing the three warnings. Çelikler, above all, did not do justice to the good concept shown with the right hand.

chikanero Isaac Galvin, has a bullfight on his head and was attracted by trade and race. He showed anger and cut an important ear to steer with many keys.

Dennis Martin –He finished third on the podium – he scared his opponent with dedication and diversity. He wore welds penetrating deep into the lines and said he had good rehiletero in banderillas.

angel Perez, The Arcos de la Frontera filled his important mission with anger and aftertaste. Vertical and classical bullfighting influenced the background and forms. He took second place in the competition by cutting off both of his ears.

Sanluqueño closed Juanmi Vidalfighting with absolute devotion. It was emptied in a copious image run and two ‘pelua’ were obtained.


XXIV Cycle of Becerradas by AAET “Pedro Romero”

Estepona bullfighting arena, full in the lowlands and generally three-quarters of a square. high temperature afternoon

El Rodeo’s Livestock, well presented and a good game. 3rd winner by comeback

  • Mauro Macander ET Sevilla, ear
  • Manuel Troncoso, ET Utrera, Palm three notices
  • Javier Zulueta ET Sevilla, two ears
  • Isaac Galvin, ET Chiclana, ear
  • Dennis Martin, ET Almeria, two ears
  • angel Perez, ET Ubrique, two ears
  • Juanmi Vidal, ET El Volapié-Sanlúcar Bda., two ears

Novillada broadcast live on Canal Sur TV


1. ‘Absolute Winner’: JAVIER ZULUETA; (ET Sevilla)

2. ‘Classified’: DENNIS MARTIN; (ET Almeria)

3. ‘Classified’: ANGEL PEREZ; (ET Ubrique)

The following names presented the trophies:

D. Eduardo Ordoñez, President of EAET Pedro Romero.

Miguel Martín is the entrepreneur of the Estepona arena.

Mr. José Mª Ayala, Deputy Mayor and Hon. Estepona Town Hall.

Ms. María Teresa Pardo, Regional Representative for Justice, Local Government and Civil Service in Malaga.

Text: EAEC «Pedro Romero

Photos:Ladislao Rodriguez Galan “Ladis”

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