Jose Tomas Alicante 2022 |  The bullfighter breaks the mold naturally

Jose Tomas Alicante 2022 | The bullfighter breaks the mold naturally

at 19:40 Jose Tomas appeared in the bullfighting arena Alicante like a violent explosion. The ten-minute delay didn’t stop the emotional lava from falling like a waterfall between the lines.. The bright and popular bazaar, which conveys its figure at almost forty degrees in the sun, did not lose its vitality throughout the celebration. And that the rays crashed like dynamite on the tanned faces of the people.

On the second bull of the afternoon, with the name “Azuzado” and Garcigrande, the re-emerging bullfighter made the difference. The animal had a special rhythm in its charge and Jose Tomas did this an oasis of ripped beauty that is increasingly miraculous to appreciate live: the mouth of the bullfight sprouted again in his galloping pulse.

Despite the years, the big belly of the bullfights opened in the canal in that bull has not yet reached the bottom or the end. Because when you fight without your advantage, the risk increases exponentially. And with that bull he realized his two greatest obsessions: harmony and slowness..

That slim and dim body, battered by many gorings, with delicately marked muscles in a red and gold dress, He had a way of standing before the bull, outpacing him, and breaking his hips with a deep depth that was unmatched.. The left hand, so beautiful and inaccessible, came back with a stack of twelve crutches tied together. Twelve in a row. Deep, heartfelt, sometimes seated with the open compass and other times feet together but always gorgeous. Before he summed himself up, a voice shouted from the line: “You saw a bullfight.” He walked both ears next to a flag Mexican after a falling move. Earlier in this GarcigrandeIt left some monumental gaoneras intact under the layer of silence that existed only in the depths of the sea. Mediterrenian.

The flame of his naivety broke the calm of the afternoon. Suddenly, all the loud silence exploded in emotion. The pulsating rhythm, the dripping bullfight. Everything was clean, white and solid. not crack. The aesthetic pleasure was also authentic. And on a piece of land several turns natural and his right hand tied to a bony bull, without clipping a muscle. Juan Pedro Domecq.


Bullfight of José Tomás in Alicante with images

Third in the afternoon, from cattle river victorianwas the most demanding bull of the bull run. Not only did he stumble, but he developed the virtues of humiliation and transference on crutches. There, fighting for the right python, he sneaked in and took a strong somersault with no obvious consequences. In that bull, that physical and unique fusion with the animal, the true paradise of bullfights, was only visible in the drops. Very personal circles take the ear to their hands. subordinate Raphael Viotti After two solid flags, he dismounted.

Fourth and last, Sunday HernandezIt turned out to be the least drinkable of the set, and it soon disappeared, though the extraordinary rhythmic verónicas left the brushstrokes.

Jose Tomas He emerged from the front door under a jolt of sincere pleasure that most bullfighters miss.

Bullfighting Alicante. bulls Juan Pedro Domecq, Garcigrande, Victoriano del Rio Y Sunday Hernandez:

Jose Tomas: applause; two ears; ear and applause after warning. welcomed at the banderillas Raphael Viotti third and Miguel Martin in the room

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