Joselito Adame signed off on the celebration, cutting off both ears and laying leaves on his shoulders


In the 447th Anniversary Bullfight of our city, which lasted for approximately 3 and a half hours and was kilometric, Joselito Adame’s Bullfight by cutting off both ears, one of which was the winner, was interesting. and another in the gift category, the awards that gave the chance to hang on the shoulders of the celebration where Peruvian Andrés Roca Rey received an extension for an important job, where Leo Valadez didn’t touch the hair for failing with his sword; and when intruder Tarik Othón deserved the ear, he turned the ring.
With just over three quarters of the monumental and beautiful weather, the paseo was performed, and when the National Anthem was sung, seven bulls from the Hidalgo cattle ranch in Fernando de la Mora jumped out of the arena. Fulfilled in unequal behavior and bars. Rejones is the one who is distracted and balanced. First-line Lidia, resolutely obedient, lacking a power point; second, long and a little late; third, smoothly lazy and slow; fourth, endangered and docile; fifth, bravo with gearbox; sixth, broken. A beautiful and simple gift from San Pablo.
TARIK OTHÓN (Rejoneador)
By riding the ‘Ribeiro’ he got ‘Aguas Calientes’, somewhat distracted from the start, leaving two rejones as punishment. He made the bull jealous with ‘Aquiles’, planting it on his rump to place a fallen banderilla in the arena. He fought to the millimeter once again on the ‘Enzo’ and placed four banderillas on top. With ‘Pampero’ left two shorter ones at minimum distance. He provided superior luck, placing the spear of death in the perfect place for an ear request that was inexplicably unfulfilled, after a decent performance of courage and understanding, the ring entwined with power.
JOSELİTO ADAME (Black and Gold)
The first was “Auro”, in which he played with his arms with a harpoon in the face of mild protests from a section of the population for his presence; For flamboyant chicuelinas, the removal is complete by leaving one end of the cloak free. Fernando García was influential in the banderillas, so he was disbanded. He started with top assist passes with his shoes stuck in the sand, continued with hot passes from the right. Seeing the honest moves, he continued with a deft hand working the same. On the left, he followed the naturals without getting the bull’s reaction, so he continued to get depth and projective series on the right. The muletazos, which shortened the distances to pass more in between, changed from behind. He closed it with transitions of disdain, looking at narrow circles and the ring. With determination he went after the steel and rewarded every move with an ear.
The latter, whose presence was met with whistles and protests, the latter, named “The Deer”, Joselito, endured powerful attacks, sacrificing himself to fight veronica with spears on their feet together. After going through hard times and Víctor Mora struggling to protect his second third due to complications from the bull, Adame didn’t have a good time due to the challenges presented by the unassuming dangerous burel hitting the arenas, but his perseverance and great technique received commendable passes that were appreciated by the public, and rudeness. It ended with a creative dressing work. The spade and the move retreat between the split.
It closes the square and as a gift was the “Founder” of San Pablo, who received it with a long change and veronica. In the case of the crutch, it crosses the back altered, accomplishing a task where it makes clear the solvent technique and why it is the figure of our country, by getting the good bottom out of the bull, getting series on both sides, interspersing it. embellishments like luquesinas, disdain from the trench and kneel on the ground. He drove to replace the sword entirely, which was rewarded with an ear.
ANDRES ROCA REY (Sea Foam and Gold)
He opened his cloak with a revolera with veronical rhythmic connections. Crutches in hand, he started from the right against the sudden attack. To get a job on both sides in hardness and solvency, he immediately hardened the shovel, the Peruvian always prevailed, emphasizing the natural smooth interleaved transitions exchanged behind; He also bullfights the round with his right hand. With a slight yawn and two powerful blows from behind, the burel passed by the palms.
He clearly took “San Marqueño” with eight cordobinas, finished it painterly with socks and revolera. José Manuel Nogales is accurate and clear in sticks, vividly mined by limestones. Throwing all the meat on the grill, he began kneeling on the ground right and connecting it with the chest, continuing with a high-flying artistic task that demanded the ‘Cockfight’ that Roca Rey enjoyed with every pass. long and hard passes were given the right to fight in the round, the two antinas connecting the chest from the python to the tail with the chest one were completed without missing. Then bullfighting without assistance, obtaining luquesinas. Deep puncture and detached whole to cut off one ear and drag the bull gently.
LEO VALADÉZ (Green Flag and Gold)
The first was “Tortolito”, which he greeted with harmonious verónica and chicuelinas and finished with a revolera. Continuing with a cloak, he took off the por chiuelines, closed with the tafalera bullring, and released one end of the cloak. At the request of the people, he easily covered the second third. Mid-height passes that flex the starting leg were his way to start the task of delivery and rein, he has a manageable bull, a bit loose and slow, based on squeezing and demanding, he took series from both profiles he ran his hand through and he always took things slow, always tempered who fought for the bull and didn’t get bored in the face of the burel, achieving flamboyant luquenas in the final episode. He began to listen to the applause from Metisaca and the puncture.
It was the sixth “Campanario”, he took it on his knees with a long change of knees, on his feet verónicas together caleserinas, chicuelinas, closing, releasing one end of the cloak and not fitting, pulled out by tight zapopinas. Again he covered the second third with a greater luminosity, so he got a target from above. He tossed the coin into the air, kneeling on the right to the ground, soon came less to the bull, but, relying on his dedication, he took the job out of the hat, tearing his burelian off when he felt pressed. He closed the distance to get two antinas, changing a pass in front of him. Unfortunately the sword was unstable with the punch and back thrust drop and two spindle blows for the breath palm.
This anniversary celebration came to an end with fireworks and a rise on Joselito Adame’s shoulders. (

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