Joselito shoulder to shoulder in Aguascalientes

Joselito shoulder to shoulder in Aguascalientes

A little less than three quarters before the entrance to the Monumental bullring on the occasion of the CDXLVII anniversary of the city of Aguascalientes, the winner thanks to a gift bull and Multi merit, for the sword of the house Joselito Adame to cut off one ear to the first horn and gift another on his shoulders. Their alternative, Peruvian Andrés Roca Rey became an extension, and at the same time local Leo Valadez was very difficult. And Tarik Othón, a bullfighter from Queretaro, got rid of an ear and went around the ring.

The seven horns of Fernando de la Mora fought, one for the rejones, which was problematic and from the others stood out the fifth, which deserved the slow drag and the first gave a good game. He was a regular second, and others had complications. A small gift of power from San Pablo gave good play.

For a challenge burel, bullfighter from Queretaro Tariq OthonRiding the “Ribeiro”, he carefully nailed the two punishing spears without much cooperation with the bull. Then, he revealed more on “Aquiles” and didn’t hit a flag. He changed his mount and in the «Enzo» he stiffened from the side at a minimum distance and, with stamina and will, placed four more long sticks. Now handling “Pampero”, he let go of two short sticks and, with an unfulfilled ear request, killed him with a precise thrust to turn the ring.

walking, local Joselito Adame The first, called “Auro,” was better seen in a rhythmic take away by the good-tasting veroniqueado and chicuelinas. After the second third place, subordinate Fernando García was applauded for the third. He started with crutches and overhead assistance, without correction, continued with a good line with right hands for two rounds. Naturally, she could endure him professionally. Again with the placement and quality came three strings as the bull went down by the right-handed python. Ballet flats are closed and killed with an accurate push while rewarding with an ear.

Joselito veroniqueó, the second constantly protested, with endurance and courage. The bull was not brave against the horse. He began to deal with a docile and dangerous example by bowing to his flannel, and despite the public’s discomfort, he was disarmed to continue with natural efforts and help himself. The same thing happened when serving on the right. A more laudable natural bullfight, but people were still hairy and equally right-wing in the same discomfort. He finished with a punctuation and made a move to divide opinions.

The gift is in the bull, by the will of the “Founder”, Joselito veroniqueo from San Pablo. The muleteril work changed from the back and started to continue the bullfight in the round that showed the short chested “partner” the way he should attack, so there were right wing and natural groups with tremendous anger and quality in the mid-high, the closing bulls alternately on both sides and a piece of land. with their wrestling. He killed it well and was eventually rewarded with an ear to carry on the shoulders.

In the first, the man from Lima Andres Roca Rey speared veronica with solera. His work as a crutch began with an authoritative draining pass and an energetic holdout, followed by strong and domineering right hands in two sets. Natural low hand, tempered and rhythmic, as well as doing this in a classy way, in the grip and even on the round, in several intense series. Once again, with his right hand, he struggled to finish, slowly and passionately, with a slightly stretched three-quarter lunge and two sharp blows to be applauded.

Roca Rey took the second, good “Sanmarqueño” with eight cordobinas, a sock and a revolera, and also pulled out colorful carriages. Puyazo really clings to the Iberian varilarguero José Manuel Nogales. With Cloth, Andrés started excitedly on his knees with his right hands, and once he got involved, he started working his right hand with smoothness and artistry in both parties. With its naturalness, it tightened the distances with quality. Another right wing section of great depth, followed by decorative transitions and gently rounded. Then, amid the shouts of the bullfighters, he was spared help to tie luquesinas! He killed it with more than half a push and another kill to the hilt to give it an ear and slow drag was given to the bull.

It also hosts Leo ValdezIn the first, it was adjusted by executing veronica and chicuelina as well as extracting another chicuelina and a tafallera. Good shot by Pikeman Héctor Delgado. Leo brilliantly closed his second third for a standing ovation. The determined and bullfighter, who started to twist with twill, continued on the right in two series. He overcame the bull’s weakness with his left foot. More right-wing bullfighting with sides varying proudly and round, even an inch of terrain. He boldly shortened the distances and finished with metisaca and cucumber to hear the palms.

In the second, Valadez gave verónicas, a caleserina, a cordobina and chicuelinas, and also cleared out with zapopinas. I put a banderilla between the claps. With crutches, he made passes on his knees and in the middle, ranging from back, chest, and round. Already standing, with a good long canvas, exposure and a good line, but I’m avoiding the bull. In circular bullpups, but in an intermittent run, he settled for it without much coupling, but with a distinct trend due to bull cracking. He failed to kill and was applauded for his effort.

Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. Mixed bullfight of the CDXLVII anniversary of the city of Aguascalientes. Monumental. The entrance is a little over three quarters in an afternoon with pleasant weather and great atmosphere. Seven horns from Fernando de la Mora, one of which was problematic for the rejones, and the fifth stood out from the others, which deserved the slow drag and the first gave a good game. He was a regular second, and others had complications. A small gift of power from San Pablo gave good play.

Celebration card:

novillero rejoneador Tariq Othonback to the ring

Joselito Adameear, bull’s ear as disagreement and gift, with output on shoulders

Andres Roca Reypalm and ear

Leo Valdezpalms and palms

Events: Rejoneador Tarik Othón will not be performing in Nochistlán, Zacatecas this Sunday, as after his performance at the Monumental Aguascalientes this Saturday, he was urgently treated with severe pain, tearing and blurred vision in his right eye. Occlusion of the eye and injury “possibly caused by a foreign body” requiring treatment based on antibiotics and analgesics. The ophthalmologist ordered 7 days of rest for adequate recovery.

Text: Adiel Armando Bolio (Lucky Matador)

Photos: Erick Cuatepotzo

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