Juan Ortega reappears in the successful alternative of Aranda in Manzanares

Juan Ortega reappears in the successful alternative of Aranda in Manzanares

The best version of Juan Ortega’s bullfights resurfaced this Saturday at Manzanares (Ciudad Real). He cut off four ears and stood on Carlos Aranda’s shoulders.He added three in an afternoon when he received his doctorate as a bullfighter.

Carlos Aranda’s PhD took place in England’s bullfighting arena. apple orchards Blanquito has been added to the alternatives offered at this La Mancha arena, which also includes Gabriel de la Casa, Juan José, or more recently (in 2013), Emilio Huertas, also of Ciudad Real.

The alternative bull was enthusiastic. Beautiful, wrapped, well done, and the bearer of humiliated and angry oppression.

With these mats, Carlos Aranda showed off Vernica in capeswinging, percale. Swapping his hands on crutches, he stepped forward with both, but the natural bullfight stood out and spoiled it with a very good vibe. He cut off one of his ears, if he had buried the sword completely instead of only half, it would have been two ears.

“Close” was short on spark, though with lots of nobility. Between you passed cleanly and calmly, especially in the first part of the friction, with more harmony to the natural and less to the right. The move came on the first try, and his sport was two generous ears that allowed Juan Ortega to come up on his shoulders next to him.

In the third, Juan Ortega had a somewhat brutish but noble bull instilling a terrific fear. Sevillian rough edges lim his initials are on the right (overwhelmed) and the caress and grace work, without any violence and with all the bullfighting of someone who has plenty for those who want it and can see it.

If it hadn’t been pierced, it would have walked its tail, but the reward remained in two ears. It doesn’t matter when you fight like that.

In Ortega’s second game, there was no overzealous fanfare and he defended himself by scoring, which didn’t stop him from delighting us with a suspension. Exquisite by Chicuelinasand a crutch duty that has the virtue of avoiding the movement of pythons looking for fabric and permeating everything it does with taste and harmony.

After releasing a push, the other two ears went to his hands andntera until the first trip. The president wanted to create an almost comical tone by rewarding the bull with an unfair return to the ring, and the people in Manzanares came out of the bullfight.

It is believed that a newscast drove Morante second to the noble and lazy.

Again cigar maker used this great qualityanger and slowness, which froze a task with more than one technical nuance (quoting at his height, driving carefully, dumping from above, giving time without trying to flirt…) kept the one from Castillejo de Huebra on him feet following on crutches, a visible until you get a noticeable bruise rather than shine—if what’s in front of it is taken into account.

In addition, he successfully killed the first and indeed took an ear, the smallest.

Hardly anything could be seen in the room, an unstable, perpetually loose replica, shortened by Morante in front of it.

FESTIVAL REGISTRATION.- Five bulls from Castillejo de Huebra (third in hat) and one bull from José Manuel Sánchez (sixth), magnificently made and well presented. Awarded with the return of the fifth ring named Escamillo. Generally noble and manageable.

Morante de la Puebla (lead gray and jet): ear and light whistle.

Juan Ortega (bottle green and jet): two ears and two ears.

Carlos Aranda (white and gold) taking the alternative: ear and two ears.

Carlos Aranda took the alternative with the bull 56 named Aldeanito.

In gangs, Migueln bowed after marking the first, and after Jorge Fuentes did the same in the third.

The square recorded more than half of it on a very hot afternoon.

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