Lagartera's laptop was stuffed for a charitable cause, the perfect afternoon for bullfighting.

Lagartera’s laptop was stuffed for a charitable cause, the perfect afternoon for bullfighting.

Chronicle of Jesus by S. Moreno

town of Toledo lizzard, On the occasion of patron saint festivities, this Saturday hosted a bullfighting festival and a practical bullfighting class with a poster of mostly bullfighters. Queen Talavera and the Shire.

The bullfighting event had a charitable character, as some of the money collected at the box office went to the Alzheimer’s Association for relatives of patients. TalaveraObtained from the sale of tickets for the lottery held after the death of the third copy, as well as AFATA.

Two Toledo farms, Adolfo Rodriguez Montesinosoriginated in Santa Coloma and Castile Bullsorigin belongs to Núñez Domecq bullfighter Morenito from Arandafought with five well presented examples that allowed the victory of the participating swords.


Talavera rejoneador opens the celebration José Maria Martinfood neighbor New Talaverabefore a well-presented example of iron from Castile, which allowed the demanding but young gentleman to show off above all in the third of the banderillas; after a certain death sentence, they gave him two ears.

Novillero took the second place Oscar da Silvaof the evening; Before a period of Taurus de Castilla, he collaborated on the bold helm and soon-to-be-third Velaíno banderilleó, and was enthusiastic during his performance with his crutch, ending with a lunge above and then taking the ears of his helm.

Solidarity bullfighting celebration in Lagartera with four bullfighters from Talavera and Shire in the bill

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Bullfighter debuted with Santa Coloma encaste Javier CanoMoreover Talavera Newand he could feel the complications of such engagement before a very well presented Eral from Toledo with initially cold demeanor, it took a long time to start charging but this behavior was slowly changing until muleta quest. bravely broke, ragalando humiliated, long and deep attacks on the young bullfighter, who was very angry by the right python and achieved a series of great successes, but his failure on the swords left everything in the ring in a single turn.

Two ears cut a rudder of the same iron, becerrista daniel garroLocal oropesa, in front of a bold example that gives moments of moderation to the blonde bullfighter who takes advantage of them for both pythons; after all one and a few hairless blows they gave him two ears.


Peruvian novillero Pedro Luis He’s already getting attention, he’s only celebrated three times, and his dedication, fitness, and artistic bullfighter stance make me think that there might be people at this bullfighting event if things stay the same; inside lizzard Demanding a copy of the Toros de Castilla farm, he cut off his tail, which gave him nothing that he took from the gayola gate.

He started his duty with his crutch by taking a blow to the media on his knees that he wasn’t looking at, and after a fit cut performance, he tried to do something from below, suggesting a move to his sample until he opened the straps that opened his sample. gates of victory

A fun afternoon, in short, the one who lives in this celebration of the Virgen del Rosario’s patron saint festivities. lizzardwith the seed of our land as the main axis and a town dedicated to bullfighting.

Graphic Report, Sánchez Moreno

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