Luque and Miranda send each other over the shoulders of a farm animal afternoon full of lights and shadows in Palos.

Luque and Miranda send each other over the shoulders of a farm animal afternoon full of lights and shadows in Palos.

From the third onwards, that good mood from the bullfighting of the charro estates Loreto sent to Palos faded. three out of six they moved getting applause from respected people. Three, to be forgotten. And it’s the balance of those three that Miranda got two of the bad guys. rarely gets me intent Between the courage to review the presidential documents of a celebration but not approve of an unjust and small-town pardon, this chronicle must show its face for the success of the box. Something is the kindness and courtesy of a square not very demanding and it’s one thing to lose the minimal respect required for everything to flow with bullfighter embarrassment. As for the rest, after a start flashy limping Limbs encapsulating the precious image of colorao that opens the plaza, the whole thing bullfighter’s embarrassment is too much around. Luke What Miranda The bulls, with a history of race and bravery, were sent when it allowed them to both eliminate the bullfighting arsenal they had been holding in their heads. annoyed when his first lesson is reserved for pencils. But the hat came in handy for building a business full of flavor and aesthetics. It all works out for Gerena, and this, even without that point of humiliation from the previous one, allowed Luque to express unsuspecting good taste by both python muletazos to solve an increasingly task as he took this beat from start to finish. inside unpunished muletazoreassuring the opponent, because it is necessary not to fight, but to channel the courage left by this first bis of the celebration. justice is one good move One afternoon when the steel was moving right, he paid Luque for everything with that precious ear. There would be only one opportunity left for Luque in the afternoon. Miranda In the form of a hungry and brave bull so that TriguereƱo can sign a mission filled with good things with high intensity. It’s beautiful and lively, like the bullfight that David is flowing right now. smoothness on crutches Starting a long line of aesthetic beauty that is that second of the afternoon slowly pulling the goodies out of the closet is undoubtedly one of the bulls. more complete The Salamanca bull run started yesterday in this square. A bull that goes further but also gleams in Miranda’s hands because of the bullfighter’s endless propensity to put everything before a bull, giving her minimal space. This did it and the bullfighter finished it legitimate victory two ears with the tinkling of stabbing in a law before the mules walk the entire circumference of the ring to this point ‘Black beard’ behind the blue handkerchief of the box. The promised afternoon, as before, is also generous with the environmental premonitions delivered by the bird of prey, this year yes, the key to bullfighting in the conditions of the sound that the celebration awakens to the paseo de dos filled with color and atmosphere enforcement officers with chain mail and immaculate cloaks, to the use of past times before the tide of the people who line up expectation signature Any setting was too little to dress up while filling the frame personality this pinzonian appointment, which will be reserved on his departure, marked the success of a tail of Daniel Luque. temple and bullfight they were kneading a work whose execution had a silky touch. Due to the delicacy of its workmanship; for the softness and nobleness of his stroke show bold and embedded submission without harshness one of the best The afternoon bullfight, which Luque honors with a job that is as clean as it is passionate, does not allow itself to be deceived and is a long series. luquenas. Al de Gerena came to see the goddess Fortuna, and the bullfighter agreed with her. While everything on the line was bubbling, the box sent it A business He told Luque that this was not an amnesty and that everything ended in the law, where then the maximum trophies for right-handers were signed, and honorable After a while, the man from Gerena would pick an ear filled with pride and skill from the classless heap and malice the lottery had given him. fifth If Luque had come to see Miranda’s fortune in the afternoon, the brunette in the room glared at him and gave him two unlucky bulls. At least with very few and this becomes a pain in itself when playing games. Honour hand in hand. Clearly, the triguereƱo was gone skin for putting the fight in a believable form for the line-up, for allowing the cape to swing without hiding his body from front to back in a bullfight. There was still the bellows so that the one from Loreto came in rags and created the set. After the pinwheels, perfection was thrown away like a piece of candy, and only the honest intention of the bullfighter remained to draw water from a well. swift of brave virtues. Miranda has nothing to justify, but if any non-believer doubts that, she has justified herself right there on the land. fierce in his attack Miranda won the game. With everything before him, by consenting to everything but the burel not for parties and that’s where the group died. Ear for an act of honor that summarizes a task that he marked with it no doubt personality the one which.


Palos de la Frontera arena.

CATTLE BREEDING: Six Loreto Charro bulls of good craftsmanship and wealth. Second and third place were rewarded with a return to the ring. Cracked fourth, complex fifth and without delivery and rough sixth gradeless and run down. The first, invalid, was replaced by the hat of the same iron.

bullfighters: Daniel Luque: ear; C ears and tail; fifth ear.

David de Miranda: two ears; hi and ear sixth.

EVENTS: Absolutely full. Curro Javier dismounted after a magnificent pinwheel at five in the afternoon.

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